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A list of all pages that have property "Documentation note" with value "[ User manual]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • OmniORB  + (User's guide available in HTML, PDF, PostScript formats from
  • Xpvm  + (User's guide available in PostScript format from
  • Elm  + (User's guide included and available in HTML format from; User's reference manual included and available in HTML format from
  • GFTP  + (User's guide included; User FAQ include in the README and available in HTML format from
  • OOFEM  + (User's guide, reference manual, and descriptions of element and material libraries are available in HTML format from
  • JEdit  + (User's guide: Frequently asked questions: API documentation:
  • HotSwap  + (User's manual available in HTML format from
  • Xindice  + (Users guide available in HTML format from
    Users guide available in HTML format from; Developer's guide available from; System administrator's guide available from
  • Virtual eXecuting Environment  + (Users guide in HTML from
  • Yesod  + (Various resources are listed on the site,
    Various resources are listed on the site, including: * ​​​​​[ Quick start guide] * [ Tutorial] * [ Cookbook] * [ Community] * [ Screencasts]​ Screencasts]​)
  • Ksh  + (Varous documents available in HTML format from
  • HexChat  + (View the latest documentation at: https://
    View the latest documentation at: You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable to your system's Software Sources. This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources. deb YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main deb-src YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main Signing key: 1024R/28949509 (What is this?) Fingerprint: 109C2938F84496D6ACB6D805A777609328949509
  • Dungeon-mode  + (We are in POC phase developing a minimum play-testable (e.g. minimum testable) version.)
  • Webkitgtk  + (WebKitGTK+ allows GTK applications to disp
    WebKitGTK+ allows GTK applications to display web pages using WebKit. Originally, WebKit is programmed in C++, but WebKitGTK has a C interface using [[GObject]] (part of [[GLib]], which "enables" object-oriented programming in plain C). * * *
  • OptionMatrix  + (Website has [ PDF documentation].)
  • Gnuzilla  + (Why not recommend Firefox? As explained in
    Why not recommend Firefox? As explained in our [ Free Software Definition], all four freedoms must be available on both a commercial and non-commercial basis. Mozilla's trademark policy serves to limit Freedom 2 to gratis distribution only, making the software nonfree. '''Selection from the [ FSF shop]''' [ Free as in Freedom 2.0, by Richard Stallman] [ Introduction to the Command Line] ---- ---- '''[ Helping the GNU Project and the Free Software Movement]''' ---- ---- If you have corrections to this entry or questions about it, please contact: ----
    e contact: ----)
  • Icedove  + (Why not recommend Thunderbird? As explaine
    Why not recommend Thunderbird? As explained in our [ Free Software Definition], all four freedoms must be available on both a commercial and non-commercial basis. Mozilla's trademark policy serves to limit Freedom 2 to gratis distribution only, making the software nonfree.
    ibution only, making the software nonfree.)
  • Maryam  + (Wiki : Module guide : OWASP :
  • METRo  + (Wiki at and in French at
  • Transmission  + (Wiki Forum
  • Pynagram  + (Wiki-
  • Braze  + (Wiki: [])
  • Privacy Badger  + (Works with Firefox 28.0 and later, SeaMonkey 1.0 and later)
  • Txtorcon  + ([[Sphinx]]-based documentation available a
    [[Sphinx]]-based documentation available at === Onion (Hidden) Services === Txtorcon's documentation on Hidden Services from: * http://fjblvrw2jrxnhtg67qpbzi45r7ofojaoo3orzykesly2j3c2m3htapid.onion/ * http://timaq4ygg2iegci7.onion/ === Use Git over Tor === torsocks git clone http://timaq4ygg2iegci7.onion/txtorcon.git
  • Rt-liberation  + ([[Texinfo]] documentation, included with the distribution. === Emacs Lisp Package Archive === To install this package, run in [[Emacs]]: <code>M-x package-install RET rt-liberation RET</code>)
  • AKFAvatar  + ([ User manual])
  • Aria Maestosa  + ([ Manual (in English, with links to French, Greek, and Serbo-Croation translations])
  • BASH Debugger  + ([ User guide available in HTML format])
  • BIRD  + ([
  • Boinc  + ([ User manual])
  • DBeaver  + ([ Documentation])
  • Syncthing  + ([ Documentation])
  • OwnCloud  + ([ Documentation])
  • DemocracyOS  + ([ official documentation site] [ documentation and DemocracyOS demo])
  • Pelican  + ([ Documentation])
  • Godot  + ([ Documentation])
  • Moodle  + ([ Features and documentation])
  • PhpMyAdmin  + ([ Documentation])
  • Known  + ([ Known documentation])
  • Electrum  + ([ Installation instructions])
  • Git Cola  + ([ Documentation])
  • Guacamole  + ([ Manual])
  • HERITAGE  + ([ Documentation on Read The Docs])
  • Jekyll  + ([ Documentation])
  • Kallithea  + ([ Documentation])
  • Kivy  + ([ Documentation] [ Prerequisites])
  • Kodi  + ([ Kodi Wiki])
  • Archives2git  + ([ online documentation])
  • Ng-jackspa  + ([ online documentation])
  • Linterna Mágica  + ([ Documentation] is available in a variety of formats, and there is also a mailing list, and IRC channel.)
  • Magit  + ([ Magit user manual] [ Magit] on EmacsWiki.)

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