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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Documentation note" with value "Included;". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Siag  + (Included)
  • Mybashburn  + (Included)
  • Gfslicer  + (Included)
  • Edb  + (Included)
  • Lucene  + (Included)
  • SoundConverter  + (Included)
  • FBReader  + (Included)
  • Aumix  + (Included)
  • Py-ACQUA 2  + (Included)
  • Gnome-terminal  + (Included)
  • Email2fax  + (Included)
  • W98podfetch  + (Included)
  • Conkeror  + (Included)
  • Cdrtools DVD Extensions  + (Included)
  • Develock  + (Included)
  • K3DSurf  + (Included)
  • Gnormalize  + (Included)
  • Seabios  + (Included)
  • Xlrd  + (Included)
  • Gnu Hosting Helper  + (Included)
  • Libvisca  + (Included)
  • Gnome-mplayer  + (Included)
  • Mutter  + (Included)
  •  + (Included)
  • AustinSmoke GasTracker  + (Included)
  • GDL  + (Included)
  • Cite CRM  + (Included)
  • Rhythmbox  + (Included)
  • TuxBank  + (Included)
  • GOffice  + (Included)
  • Repmgr  + (Included)
  • Sendmail  + (Included N.B. This package contains the &
    Included N.B. This package contains the rmail program which is used to handle the delivery of the mail received through a UUCP connection and to pass it to the local sendmail (or workalike). Debian provides it as a standalone package. Not to be confused with [[Rmail]], the default mail reader for [[GNU Emacs]].
    [[Rmail]], the default mail reader for [[GNU Emacs]].)
  • Kite  + (Included Downloadable and online:
  • Thought Bucket  + (Included README)
  • Netsukuku  + (Included and at
  • Group-Office  + (Included and at
  • Backup Manager  + (Included and in PDF at, and online at
  • KLibido  + (Included and in online at
  • HOTELDRUID  + (Included and installation, basic configuring, and user wiki at
  • Multi Stream Editor  + (Included and online at
  • Baobab  + (Included and online at
  • Inlook  + (Included in download.)
  • Ragel State Machine Compiler  + (Included in source. Guide:
  • Xkeyboard-config  + (Included in the source tarball.)
  • Prokyon3  + (Included, and at
  • Bbe  + (Included, and online at
  • Nautilus  + (Included.)
  • Gtmess  + (Included; FAQ at
  • Glpk-java  + (Included; See also
  • RTFL  + (Included; copy at <>.)
  • Alumni-OnLine  + (Included;
  • AstroCam  + (Inlcuded)
  • SilverStripe  + (Install Guide and other Developer documentation at
  • LastBASH  + (Install Guide at
  • Dockboard  + (Install Guide at
  • FreeNetBilling 2  + (Install Guide at; User Guide at
  • DeepOfix Messaging Server  + (Install Manual at; Use Manual at
  • Psyced  + (Install Manual at
  • IceCat/NoScript  + (Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid script
    Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid scripts globally’ to improve the security of your browser by preventing 0day JavaScript attacks. This is a drastic option as it will render many websites unusable as they rely heavily on JavaScript. NoScript offers a whitelist you can use to selectively enable JavaScript for sites you trust, but this is considered [ especially bad for your anonymity] if you're using NoScript with Tor.
    nymity] if you're using NoScript with Tor.)
  • GradeL  + (Install and User Guide at
  • DocMGR  + (Install documentation at, User documentation at
  • Stvremote  + (Install guide and basic usage at
  • MyRPM  + (Install guide at; User guide at
  • TabLaunch  + (Install guide at
  • Webilder  + (Install guide at
  • WPKG  + (Install guide available in HTML format from
  • MisfitModel3D  + (Install guide included)
  • Coin  + (Install guide included; User manual available in HTML format from
  • SnapLogic  + (Install guide online at; API documentation at
  • Rcms  + (Install inforamtion at
  • Mod tidy  + (Install information at
  • AutoDia  + (Install instructions at
  • Devdom  + (Install instructions can be found at
  • Monica Personal CRM  + (Install it on your server:
  • Liberal Crime Squad  + (Install libtool automake ncurses-dev ./configure CFLAGS=-g CXXFLAGS=-g (if not, savegames will fail) make sure you've got all art files, including csv (otherwise will segfault) Here's some docu
  • Newspipe  + (Install quide at; Configuration guide at
  • TelEduc  + (Install reference manual included and user manual available on
  • Scribes  + (Installation Guide, FAQ and Wiki at
  • Picalo  + (Installation adn User documentation included and for download at
  • Qtstalker  + (Installation and User Guide at
  • Hermes Antispam Proxy  + (Installation and User Guides at
  • MySAR  + (Installation and usage documentation at
  • LTSP  + (Installation guide and troubleshooting guide available in HTML, SGML, PostScript, and ASCII formats from
  • Rubedo  + (Installation guide and tutorials are available on
  • Varnish  + (Installation instructions at
  • BusTO  + (It's avaiable on [](F-Droid).)
  • Ifmail-tx  + (Italian HOWTO at
  • Soma  + (Italian user guide avalable in HTML format from; Italian user guide avalable in PDF format from
  • Syntax-desktop  + (Italian user manual available in HTML format from
  • Danpei  + (Japanese user README and FAQ included)
  • Sctplib  + (Jungmaier, Andreas: ``Das Transportprotoko
    Jungmaier, Andreas: ``Das Transportprotokoll SCTP´´ (PDF, 2437 KiB, in German), Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Economics, Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems, August 16, 2005, URL: .
    erivate-13244/dissertation_jungmaier.pdf .)
  • Kirc  + (Kirc's official documentation can be found at
  • Icecast  + (Latest documentation available at
  • Mma  + (Latest version can be downladed at
  • Libprot  + (Libprot is designed to provide simple func
    Libprot is designed to provide simple functionality of software protection and full sources coded are included. It helps to reduce cost of developing software protection. In the current version: 1) Asymmetric crypt algorithm 2) Modification detection of application 3) Representation of binary data as text string (hex encoding) 4) Obfuscation of string (may be used in key generation) 5) Mechanism of application crashing at random place 6) Example of check sum calculation of PE file
    xample of check sum calculation of PE file)
  • Good Weather Desklet  + (Links broken. No links to page. Homepage not on Email to maintainer broken.)
  • Systemd  + (List of documentations is available at [ systemd wiki].)
  • Sed-mode  + (M-x package-install [RET] sed-mode [RET])
  • DWM  + (MAN Page at
  • Libxcpc  + (MAN Page in HTML at and in PDF at
  • IceCat/FreeSpeechMe  + (MIRROR site: (our main site is getting knocked off line from traffic from article about FreeSpeechMe in Bitcoin Magazine.))

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