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  • OpenAnswer  + (Full documentation available at
  • Freeipmi  + (Full documentation available at https://ww
    Full documentation available at === Project Tools === The following tools are distributed and supported by FreeIPMI. * bmc-info: a tool to read information about a BMC such as device version numbers, device support, and globally unique IDs (guids). * bmc-watchdog: a tool/daemon to manage a BMC Watchdog. This tool is typically used for system timeout management and automatic system restarts in the event of a system crash. * ipmi-chassis: a tool to manage/monitor a chassis, such as chassis power, identification (i.e. LED control), and status. * ipmi-fru: a tool to read field replaceable unit (FRU) information from a motherboard/machine. * ipmi-sel: a tool to read and manage IPMI System Event Log (SEL) records. SEL records store system event information and may be useful for debugging problems. * ipmi-sensors: a tool to read IPMI sensor readings and sensor data repository (SDR) information. * ipmipower: a tool for remote power control. * ipmiconsole: a tool for Serial-over-Lan (SOL) console access. * ipmi-config: a tool to configure BMC and IPMI information. In can be used to configured usernames, passwords, networking information, security, Serial-over-LAN (SOL), Platform Event Filtering (PEF), boot devices, power restoration policy, sensor thresholds, sensor events, and many more configuration options. * ipmi-raw: a tool that provides hex input/output of IPMI commands. * ipmi-locate: a tool that can probe for information about the location of a BMC device, such as device addresses. * ipmi-pet: a tool to parse and interpret Platform Event Traps (PET). * ipmi-dcmi: a tool to perform Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI) IPMI extension commands. Supports extensions for asset management and power usage management. * bmc-device: a tool to perform advanced BMC commands, such as resetting the BMC, configuring ACPI, configuring SDR/SEL time, manually generating events, re-arming sensors, and configuring manufacturer settings. * ipmiping: an IPMI ping tool for debugging. * rmcpping: a RMCP ping tool for debugging. * ipmi-oem: an IPMI tool for OEM specific commands. * ipmidetect/ipmidetectd: a tool and daemon for IPMI node detection. * ipmiseld: a daemon that regularly polls the SEL and stores the events to the local syslog. Additional information, examples, and general trouble-shooting can be found in each of the tool manpages. === Project Libraries === The following libraries are distributed and supported by FreeIPMI. * libfreeipmi: a C library that includes KCS, SSIF, OpenIPMI Linux, and Solaris BMC drivers, IPMI 1.5 and IPMI 2.0 LAN communication interfaces, IPMI packet building utilities, IPMI command utilities, and utilities for reading/interpreting/managing IPMI. This library is for programmers intimately familiar with the IPMI protocol and IPMI specification. Most users may wish to use the libraries listed below. * libipmiconsole: a library for Serial-over-Lan (SOL) console access. SOL console access is abstracted into a file descriptor interface, so users may read and write console data through a file descriptor. * libipmimonitoring: a library for sensor and system event log (SEL) monitoring that abstracts away most IPMI details. Interpretation of those sensors and events is abstracted into an API with an iterator interface. * libipmidetect: a library for IPMI node detection.
    detect: a library for IPMI node detection.)
  • Zibawa  + (Full documentation available at
  • GNUpot  + (Full documentation available at:
  • ICTester  + (Full documentation for latest version, usage, configuration and data file formats descriptions can be found in its page: [])
  • Zeptodb  + (Full documentation, including a tutorial, is available online [ in several formats].)
  • Gnuradio  + (GNU Radio documentation available at https
    GNU Radio documentation available at === Tutorials === Tutorials designed to guide new GNU Radio users available at === Did you know ... === * [ Free Software on the final frontier: GNU Radio controls the ISEE-3 Spacecraft], Aug 08, 2014 === Further reading === * [ GNU radio open source vehicle detector], IEEE, 2011 * [ GNU Radio Beacon Receiver (GRBR) observations of large-scale wave structure (LSWS) and equatorial spread F (ESF)], IEEE, 2011
    and equatorial spread F (ESF)], IEEE, 2011)
  • TermFrogger  + (GNU/Linux, OSX, Windows)
  • MinDIA  + (German user guide avilable in HTML format from
  • Skidbladnir 2  + (German user introduction HTML included)
  • Sigel  + (German user manual available in HTML format from; English source documentation available in HTML format from
  • Multibootusb  + (GitHub SourceForge User Guide FAQ
  • Telegram  + (GitHub page at with more documentation at
  • Gpa  + (GnuPG is a system that provides you with privacy by encrypting emails or other documents and with authentication of received files by signature management.)
  • Guile-gcrypt  + (Guile-Gcrypt provides modules for cryptographic hash functions, message authentication codes (MAC), public-key cryptography, strong randomness, and more. It is implemented using the foreign function interface (FFI) of [[Guile]].)
  • Wired  + (HOWTOS at
  • YASM  + (HTML and PDF User Manual at
  • Hashit  + (Hashit API Documentation at:
  • Haste-server  + (Haste works well with a utility called haste-client.)
  • I2P  + (How to configure your browser: While I2P is a fantastic network, there is definitely one thing it lacks when compared to Tor: a purpose-built browser.)
  • Web of Life  + (How to on Adding Characters at
  • FUSBi  + (How-to For GNU/Linux Download the FUSBi b
    How-to For GNU/Linux Download the FUSBi binary file for GNU/Linux and make sure it has permission to be executed. Before executing it by double clicking, also make sure you have p7zip-full installed by apt-get install p7zip-full. On Fedora-based systems, you will need the p7zip-plugins package instead. On ArchLinux, you need to install mtools and p7zip. If you want FUSBi to automatically download the distribution image, choose the distribution name and version. If you already have the disc image on your hard disk, select the Diskimage option and browse to the image file. Choose the usb drive you want to install to (It should be at least 1 GB.) and press OK. You can also install the image to your harddisk, if you have your disk partitioned properly. FUSBi is modified from UNetbootin. In addition to the FUSBi source archive, you need Qt4 development libraries for GNU/Linux
    ed Qt4 development libraries for GNU/Linux)
  • Theorur  + (HowTo
  • AntTweakBar  + (Howto at
  • Abuse  + (Html-formatted old website FAQ archived from: [])
  • Openfight  + (I'm not sure if the end user is the citize
    I'm not sure if the end user is the citizen that is going to use this at its home, or the government that is going to adapt the source and deploy it for their country. My suggestion for the government. You should be able to adapt the webapp just touching the files under the folders config/ and translations/ My suggestion for the citizen. Just follow the instructions and realize that the diagnosis is just a hint that cannot replace a real diagnosis.
    hint that cannot replace a real diagnosis.)
  • INFOTOPO  + (INFOTOPO is currently divided into 3 progr
    INFOTOPO is currently divided into 3 programs: This program computes all the information quantities for all k-tuples below n=Nb_var and save them in object file. The input is an excel (.xlsx) table containing the data values, e.g. the matrix D with first row and column containing the labels, the rows are the random variables (computation with usual PC up to n=21 rows , n=Nb_var=Nb_vartot) and the columns are the differents trials-repetitions-essays (parameter m). It first estimate the joint probability density at a given grianing-resampling of the variables (parameter N=Nb_bins) [5]. It prints the overall histograms of raw and resampled values and of the raw and resampled matrix. The information functions are then estimated for each k-tuples and saved in object-files: _ 'ENTROPY'.pkl save the object Nentropy: a dictionaries (x,y) with x a list of kind (1,2,5) and y a Hk value in bit. It contains the 2^n values of joint entropies _ 'ENTROPY_ORDERED'.pkl save the object Nentropy_per_order_ordered, the ordered dictionary of Nentropy where the order is given by the entropy values. _ 'INFOMUT'.plk save the object Ninfomut: a dictionaries (x,y) with x a list of kind (1,2,5) and y a Ik value in bit; It contains the 2^n values of mutual informations. _ 'ENTROPY_SUM'.pkl save the object entropy_sum_order: a dictionaries (k,y) with k the degree and y the mean Hk value over all k-tuple in bit _ 'INFOMUT_ORDERED'.pkl save the object Ninfomut_per_order_ordered, the odered dictionary of Ninfomut where the order is given by the infomut values. _ 'INFOMUT_ORDEREDList'.plk save the object infomut_per_order: the same as INFOMUT_ORDERED but saved as a list. _ 'INFOMUT_SUM'.pkl save the object Infomut_sum_order: a dictionaries (k,y) with k the degree and y the mean Ik value over all k-tuple in bit Short program just to print the saved files .plk . This program computes all the visualization of information quantities in the form of distributions, information landscapes, mean landscapes and information paths together with an approximation of the minimum information energy complex, and scafolds of the Information. The input is the saved object-files .plk. . You have to choose the plk to load at the begining of the program and the corresponding figures of output you want by assigning a boolean value: SHOW_results_ENTROPY = False SHOW_results_INFOMUT = False SHOW_results_COND_INFOMUT = False SHOW_results_ENTROPY_HISTO = True SHOW_results_INFOMUT_HISTO = False SHOW_results_INFOMUT_path = False SHOW_results_SCAFOLD = False
    _path = False SHOW_results_SCAFOLD = False)
  • Jq  + (If you want to learn to use jq, read the documentation at []. You can also try it online at [].)
  • Historical/RequestPolicy  + (In addition to the official forum, there is also the [ Mozillazine support page].)
  • NetworkManager  + (Included)
  • Scons-chicken  + (Included)
  • SMPlayer  + (Included)
  • Proper  + (Included)
  • PythoPhotoPod  + (Included)
  • NNCP  + (Included)
  • Spam Trainer  + (Included)
  • Polari  + (Included)
  • SingIt Lyric Display  + (Included)
  • LZPX  + (Included)
  • Bonfire  + (Included)
  • Klep  + (Included)
  • Rumor  + (Included)
  • Otl  + (Included)
  • Gt5  + (Included)
  • Shuffle DBuilder  + (Included)
  • Dolphin  + (Included)
  • P1-utils  + (Included)
  • KSquirrel  + (Included)
  • GnomeGo  + (Included)
  • GShow TV  + (Included)
  • Nemiver  + (Included)
  • Mbuni - Multimedia Messaging Server (MMSC)  + (Included)
  • Stand Alone Tray  + (Included)
  • Dictem  + (Included)
  • Rsync Vault Manager  + (Included)
  • Mmh  + (Included)
  • Gujin  + (Included)
  • Audio-Convert  + (Included)
  • VisoHotlink  + (Included)
  • Totem  + (Included)
  • SCons Erlang  + (Included)
  • OpenEdit  + (Included)
  • Tiny COBOL  + (Included)
  • Incron  + (Included)
  • Devhelp  + (Included)
  • GNU Waveform Viewer  + (Included)
  • Comix  + (Included)
  • Rxvt  + (Included)
  • Tlock  + (Included)
  • Nmh  + (Included)
  • KSquirrel-libs  + (Included)
  • Mybashburn  + (Included)
  • Gfslicer  + (Included)
  • Edb  + (Included)
  • Siag  + (Included)
  • FBReader  + (Included)
  • Aumix  + (Included)
  • Py-ACQUA 2  + (Included)
  • Lucene  + (Included)
  • SoundConverter  + (Included)
  • W98podfetch  + (Included)
  • Conkeror  + (Included)
  • Cdrtools DVD Extensions  + (Included)
  • Gnome-terminal  + (Included)
  • Email2fax  + (Included)
  • K3DSurf  + (Included)
  • Gnormalize  + (Included)
  • Seabios  + (Included)
  • Develock  + (Included)
  • Libvisca  + (Included)
  • Gnome-mplayer  + (Included)
  • Xlrd  + (Included)
  • Gnu Hosting Helper  + (Included)
  • AustinSmoke GasTracker  + (Included)
  • GDL  + (Included)
  • Cite CRM  + (Included)
  • Mutter  + (Included)
  •  + (Included)
  • TuxBank  + (Included)
  • GOffice  + (Included)
  • Repmgr  + (Included)
  • Rhythmbox  + (Included)
  • Sendmail  + (Included N.B. This package contains the &
    Included N.B. This package contains the rmail program which is used to handle the delivery of the mail received through a UUCP connection and to pass it to the local sendmail (or workalike). Debian provides it as a standalone package. Not to be confused with [[Rmail]], the default mail reader for [[GNU Emacs]].
    [[Rmail]], the default mail reader for [[GNU Emacs]].)
  • Kite  + (Included Downloadable and online:
  • Thought Bucket  + (Included README)
  • Netsukuku  + (Included and at
  • Group-Office  + (Included and at
  • Backup Manager  + (Included and in PDF at, and online at
  • KLibido  + (Included and in online at
  • HOTELDRUID  + (Included and installation, basic configuring, and user wiki at
  • Multi Stream Editor  + (Included and online at
  • Baobab  + (Included and online at
  • Inlook  + (Included in download.)
  • Ragel State Machine Compiler  + (Included in source. Guide:
  • Xkeyboard-config  + (Included in the source tarball.)
  • Prokyon3  + (Included, and at
  • Bbe  + (Included, and online at
  • Nautilus  + (Included.)
  • Gtmess  + (Included; FAQ at
  • Glpk-java  + (Included; See also
  • RTFL  + (Included; copy at <>.)
  • Alumni-OnLine  + (Included;
  • AstroCam  + (Inlcuded)
  • SilverStripe  + (Install Guide and other Developer documentation at
  • LastBASH  + (Install Guide at
  • Dockboard  + (Install Guide at
  • FreeNetBilling 2  + (Install Guide at; User Guide at
  • DeepOfix Messaging Server  + (Install Manual at; Use Manual at
  • Psyced  + (Install Manual at
  • IceCat/NoScript  + (Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid script
    Install NoScript and enable ‘Forbid scripts globally’ to improve the security of your browser by preventing 0day JavaScript attacks. This is a drastic option as it will render many websites unusable as they rely heavily on JavaScript. NoScript offers a whitelist you can use to selectively enable JavaScript for sites you trust, but this is considered [ especially bad for your anonymity] if you're using NoScript with Tor.
    nymity] if you're using NoScript with Tor.)
  • GradeL  + (Install and User Guide at
  • DocMGR  + (Install documentation at, User documentation at
  • Stvremote  + (Install guide and basic usage at
  • MyRPM  + (Install guide at; User guide at
  • TabLaunch  + (Install guide at
  • Webilder  + (Install guide at
  • WPKG  + (Install guide available in HTML format from
  • MisfitModel3D  + (Install guide included)
  • Coin  + (Install guide included; User manual available in HTML format from
  • SnapLogic  + (Install guide online at; API documentation at
  • Rcms  + (Install inforamtion at
  • Mod tidy  + (Install information at
  • AutoDia  + (Install instructions at
  • Devdom  + (Install instructions can be found at
  • Monica Personal CRM  + (Install it on your server:
  • Liberal Crime Squad  + (Install libtool automake ncurses-dev ./configure CFLAGS=-g CXXFLAGS=-g (if not, savegames will fail) make sure you've got all art files, including csv (otherwise will segfault) Here's some docu
  • Newspipe  + (Install quide at; Configuration guide at
  • TelEduc  + (Install reference manual included and user manual available on
  • Scribes  + (Installation Guide, FAQ and Wiki at
  • Picalo  + (Installation adn User documentation included and for download at
  • Qtstalker  + (Installation and User Guide at
  • Hermes Antispam Proxy  + (Installation and User Guides at
  • MySAR  + (Installation and usage documentation at
  • LTSP  + (Installation guide and troubleshooting guide available in HTML, SGML, PostScript, and ASCII formats from
  • Rubedo  + (Installation guide and tutorials are available on
  • Varnish  + (Installation instructions at
  • BusTO  + (It's avaiable on [](F-Droid).)
  • Ifmail-tx  + (Italian HOWTO at
  • Soma  + (Italian user guide avalable in HTML format from; Italian user guide avalable in PDF format from
  • Syntax-desktop  + (Italian user manual available in HTML format from
  • Danpei  + (Japanese user README and FAQ included)
  • Sctplib  + (Jungmaier, Andreas: ``Das Transportprotoko
    Jungmaier, Andreas: ``Das Transportprotokoll SCTP´´ (PDF, 2437 KiB, in German), Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Economics, Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems, August 16, 2005, URL: .
    erivate-13244/dissertation_jungmaier.pdf .)
  • Kirc  + (Kirc's official documentation can be found at
  • Icecast  + (Latest documentation available at
  • Mma  + (Latest version can be downladed at
  • Libprot  + (Libprot is designed to provide simple func
    Libprot is designed to provide simple functionality of software protection and full sources coded are included. It helps to reduce cost of developing software protection. In the current version: 1) Asymmetric crypt algorithm 2) Modification detection of application 3) Representation of binary data as text string (hex encoding) 4) Obfuscation of string (may be used in key generation) 5) Mechanism of application crashing at random place 6) Example of check sum calculation of PE file
    xample of check sum calculation of PE file)
  • Good Weather Desklet  + (Links broken. No links to page. Homepage not on Email to maintainer broken.)
  • Systemd  + (List of documentations is available at [ systemd wiki].)
  • Sed-mode  + (M-x package-install [RET] sed-mode [RET])
  • DWM  + (MAN Page at
  • Libxcpc  + (MAN Page in HTML at and in PDF at
  • IceCat/FreeSpeechMe  + (MIRROR site: (our main site is getting knocked off line from traffic from article about FreeSpeechMe in Bitcoin Magazine.))
  • Procps  + (Mailing list:
  • GTKPBButtons  + (Man Pag at
  • GUASI  + (Man Page in HTML, TXT, and PDF at
  • Coronet  + (Man Page in HTML, TXT, and PDF is available at
  • Calcurse  + (Man page at
  • Rlwrap  + (Man page at
  • Cyberradio1  + (Man page included)
  • Ferm  + (Man page included and available in HTML format from
  • Xfs  + (Man pages available in HTML form from
  • GOB  + (Man pages included and available in HTML format from
  • Gpivtools  + (Manpage included)
  • ASCEND  + (Manual at
  • Apparix  + (Manual at
  • MathGL  + (Manual for download at
  • Poly ML  + (Manual here,
  • Papertrail  + (Manual in [ HTML] and [ PDF])
  • EBook-speaker  + (Manual page @
  • Krita  + (Manual:
  • MyNotex  + (Manuals are available at: Instructional video in
  • Prover 9  + (Manuals are here:
  • Dat2dxf  + (Maunal ar
  • MindForger  + (MindForger documentation repository is available at
  • Pycomedi  + (More info on [ author's blog])
  • TuxMathScrabble  + (New JavaScript version Oct 2014 runs in browser without any additional plugins or installation. Original version (python) required installation of python, sdl, pygame and wx-widgets, which created a significant barrier for many users.)
  • Linphone  + (No official complete documentation. Documentation of FLOSS Manuals:
  • Ffem  + (Not included)
  • Epeios  + (Not included.)
  • Nmpfront  + (Not included.)
  • Minit  + (Not included. This package is not easy to install and use according to Debian maintainers.)
  • JFreeChart  + (Note that JFreeChart is a class library for use by developers, not an end user application.)
  • Uimaj  + (OASIS UIMA Committee: <>.)
  • Tesseract  + (OCR can be used to e.g. scan books and turn them into text, which is more flexible and smaller in terms of file size.)
  • ODOP:Spring  + (ODOP:Spring is a web-app. The only requirement is a modern web browser. A free user account is required to keep saved designs private.)
  • Flowblade  + (Official documentation at and install instructions at
  • Dolibarr ERP CRM  + (Official documentation is available on
  • Zabbix  + (Official wiki at and official documentation at
  • Jade Editor  + (Old documentation included)
  • OmegaT  + (OmegaT is fully localized in more than 2 dozen languages.)
  • Cowbell  + (On line at
  • Cilk  + (On line reference manual available from
  • Zomg  + (On radio listening
  • I3  + (One feature that makes it unique from most
    One feature that makes it unique from most tiling window managers is that It allows you to place and create your windows in anyway you want to, based on a logical tree structure. It has excellent documentation for both users and developers. For the latest and complete list of documentation, visit the [ i3 documentation page]. '''For users''' * [ '''User’s Guide'''] Introduction and reference. Read this! * [ '''Multi-monitor'''] Interesting for users of the nVidia driver. * [ '''Debugging i3'''] Explains you how to enable debug logging. * [ '''External workspace bars'''] About bar programs such as i3bar or dzen2. * [ '''i3 reference card'''] Might be useful to memorize i3’s shortcuts. ''' For developers ''' * [ '''Hacking Howto'''] Helps you if you want to get into i3’s source code. * [ '''Debugging i3'''] Explains you how to enable debug logging. * [ '''Inter process communication (IPC interface)'''] Read this if you want to talk to i3 within your script. * [ '''i3 testsuite'''] Makes you able to read and write i3 testcases. * [ '''i3bar protocol'''] Documents the JSON based protocol which i3bar uses. ''' User-contributed articles ''' * [ '''i3 buildbot setup'''] (2012-09, by Michael) Describes the [ buildbot] setup i3 uses for automatic docs, compilation and debian packages. * [ '''Lukáš Zapletal’s i3 configuration'''] (2012-08, by Lukáš) A detailed explanation of Lukáš’s configuration of i3 and related tools. * [ '''Swapping workspaces'''] (2012-09, by Sagar) Shows how Sagar uses i3’s IPC interface to swap workspaces between two outputs. * [ '''Using conky with i3bar'''] (2012-11, by Gianrico) Shows how to configure conky to generate JSON input for i3bar (with colors)! * [ '''Enhanced and extensible i3bar with py3status'''] (2013-02, by Ultrabug) Introduces py3status, a wrapper script for i3status which is easily extensible.
    t for i3status which is easily extensible.)
  • DirectFB  + (Online API reference:
  • AWF  + (Online HTML and PDF:
  • Srain  + (Online HTML documentation can be found at
  • GRASS  + (Online User Manual -
  • FASM  + (Online User Manual at
  • Mini-XML  + (Online and included:
  • Enigmail  + (Online at
  • Python  + (Online documentaion available at:
  • Aisleriot  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Ledger  + (Online documentation available at
  • Efl  + (Online documentation available at
  • Haunt  + (Online documentation available at
  • Exwm  + (Online documentation available at https://
    Online documentation available at N.B. If you install EXWM from source, you need to manually install XELB (either from source or GNU ELPA). === Emacs Lisp Package Archive === To install this package, run in [[Emacs]]: M-x package-install RET exwm RET
    ;code>M-x package-install RET exwm RET</code>)
  • RubyInline  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Mpmath  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Four-in-a-row  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Plplot  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Quadrapassel  + (Online documentation available at:
  • LiVES  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Rosegarden  + (Online documentation available at: User wiki available at:
  • Swell-foop  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-nibbles  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Iagno  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-mines  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-mahjongg  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-klotski  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Otp  + (Online documentation available at: There is also a Wikibook on Erlang programming at:
  • Bugs  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Diakonos  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-sudoku  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Joe  + (Online documentation available at: See also the man page at:
  • Gnome-tetravex  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-chess  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Lightsoff  + (Online documentation available at:
  • EasyTAG  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Trac  + (Online documentation available at:
 (Online documentation available at:
  • Curl  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Goffice  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Vte  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-commander  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Tor Browser  + (Online documentation available at:
  • BIND  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Tali  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Gnome-robots  + (Online documentation available at:
  • Five-or-more  + (Online documentation available at;
  • CDS Indico  + (Online help is [ here.])
  • TCLP  + (Online html and source tex:
  • Notmuch  + (Online manual pages at: See also this [ Tips and Tricks] for using notmuch with [[Emacs]].)
  • Common Lisp SQL  + (Online manual:
  • CrococryptFile  + (Online only (currently))
  • Kalkulon  + (Online reference guide at
  • Bras  + (Online user manual available in PDF fromat from; Also in download package.)
  • Libpng  + (Online user reference manual available in plain text format from; online user reference manual available in HTML from
  • Swi-prolog  + (Online, HTML and PDF)
  • PhpUserTrack  + (Online:
  • Startpage HTTPS Privacy Search Engine  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • GoogleTranslate  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • DuckDuckGo (HTML SSL)  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • Free Software Directory search  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • DuckDuckGo (Lite SSL)  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • DuckDuckGo on TOR  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • Wikipedia (SSL)  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • GigaBlast Search  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • Wikileaks Search  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • MetaGer - English Metasearch  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • 0.9.x  + (OpenSearch is compatible for many web browsers, not just IceCat.)
  • Netbeans  + (Originally by Oracle, moved to Apache Proj
    Originally by Oracle, moved to Apache Project since 2016 and still transitioning in 2018. Documentation is available in several places: * [NetBeans original website]( * [Netbeans on Apache Project](
  • InfiniSQL  + (Over [ 100 pages] of overview, guide, reference and FAQ are available at)
  • Squirrel Shell  + (PDF download at
  • PPR  + (PPR documentation included with the distribution.)
  • Phppdflib  + (Paid technical support and consulting available from Potential Technologies, Inc at
  • GnuPG Interface  + (Perl interface to GnuPG User guide available in HTML format from [])
  • Cms-bandits  + (Pleas see README and INSTALL and Install help at
  • Smart HTTPS  + (Please do not add "IceCat" "This an extension, add-on, or plugin to:" like the WebExtension
  • XML2CSV-Generic-Converter  + (Please refer to the [
    Please refer to the [ PDF documentation] or [ Open Office Writer documentation]. You might also be interested in the [ Java API doc]. Java API doc].)
  • LibData  + (Please refer to the project site at LibData is fairly well-documented (over 30 pages and E-R diagram are included with the distribution).)
  • RooCMS  + (Plugins ------- - CKEditor v4.6.2 - Code
    Plugins ------- - CKEditor v4.6.2 - Codemirror v5.24.2 - Colorbox v1.4.32 - Bootstrap v3.3.5 - Bootstrap Select v1.3.4 - Bootstrap Datepicker v1.3 - Bootstrap Colorpicker v1 - typeahead.js v0.11.1 - Font Awesome v4.7 - Smarty v3.1.30 - Smarty plugins: get_params - PHP QR Code v1.1.4 - jQuery v2.1.4 - jQuery-Migrate v3.0.0
    4 - jQuery v2.1.4 - jQuery-Migrate v3.0.0)
  • Polybar  + (Polybar's official Wiki can be found at
  • SGQI  + (Portuguese user guide available in HTML format from
  • Business Integration Engine  + (Printed user manual available from
  • FlashPash  + (Programmer API and tutorials available in HTML format from
  • AOLserver  + (Programmer development guides available from
  • Mibble  + (Programmer introduction available in HTML format from
  • PanamaSuite  + (Programmer introduction included)
  • ACDK  + (Programmer reference available in HTML, PDF, HtmlHelp formats from
  • LibDSP  + (Programmer reference available in PostScript, HTML formats from
  • HASAS  + (Programmer reference in PostScript, HTML formats from
  • Autoproject  + (Programmer reference included)
  • Glade  + (Programmer reference manual included)
  • S-lang  + (Programmer's guide available from http://w
    Programmer's guide available from; Programmer's guide to the s-lang library available in HTML format from from; Programmer's guide to the s-lang library available in PDF format from from;;)
  • TinyQ  + (Programmer's guide available in HTML format from
  • IOsity  + (Programmer's manual available in HTML form
    Programmer's manual available in HTML format from ; Tutorials available in HTML format from ; Also available in the download package.
    ; Also available in the download package.)
  • Sawfish  + (Programmer's manual available in HTML format from To read the Info manual, execute the command ''info sawfish'', or enter the Info mode within [[Emacs]] (`C-h i') and type ''g (sawfish) RET''.)
  • Fltk  + (Programmer's manual available in HTML format from; and in PDF format from
  • Berkeley Database  + (Programmer's reference guide available from; for full list of program build and interface documentation, see
  • OpenVRML  + (Programmer's reference guide available in HTML format from
  • Gmime  + (Programmer's reference manual available in HTML format from
  • Opy  + (Pyo will obfuscate your extensive, real wo
    Pyo will obfuscate your extensive, real world, multi module Python source code for free! And YOU choose per project what to obfuscate and what not, by editting the config file: You can recursively exclude all identifiers from certain modules from obfuscation. You can exclude human readable configuration files containing Python code. You can use getattr, setattr, exec and eval by excluding the identifiers they use. You can even obfuscate module file names. You can run your obfuscated code from any platform. Installation: Download and unzip Pyo into an arbitrary directory of your computer. You only need the files and py_config.txt. They are in the pyo subdirectory of your unzipped Pyo version. Put or a script to launch it in the path of your OS, or simply copy to the topdirectory of your project. Use: For safety, backup your sourcecode and valuable data to an off-line medium. Put a copy of pyo_config.txt in the top directory of your project. Adapt it to your needs according to the remarks in pyo_config.txt. This file only contains plain Python and is exec’ed, so you can do anything clever in it. Open a command window, go to the top directory of your project and run from there. If the topdirectory of your project is e.g. ../work/project1 then the obfuscation result wil be in ../work/project1_pyo. Further adapt pyo_config.txt until you’re satisfied with the result. Type ‘pyo ?’ or ‘python ?’ (without the quotes) on the command line to display a help text and the licence.
    ne to display a help text and the licence.)
  • QEMU  + (Qemu User Manual at User documentation at and developer documentation at
  • Bcfg2  + (Quick Start Guide: Publications and Presentations:
  • USBAuth  + (Quickstart Guide at
  • Reportdhcp  + (README in HTML, text from
  • BlameHangle  + (Read the docs/INSTALL file in the distribution.)
  • Sebseti  + (Readme at
  • Libgenrics  + (Reference Manual online at
  • Libgtkol  + (Reference Manual online at
  • IT++  + (Reference documentation, installation manual, tutorial examples and more in HTML format)
  • Libxml++  + (Reference manual from N.B. Use [[pkg-config]] to discover the necessary include and linker arguments. For instance, pkg-config libxml++-3.0 --cflags --libs)
  • Reflect  + (Reflect has been decommissioned. This page remains for the sake of history.)
  • HTTPS Everywhere  + (Report sites that should have https forced to
  • Youtube-dl  + (Richard Stallman said youtube-dl is okay to be in the Directory because it does not actually execute nonfree JS as we first suspected.)
  • Roundup  + (Roundup maintains a set of documents at ht
    Roundup maintains a set of documents at In particular a guide for users is at The developer documentation can be found at
  • Pyjamas  + (Sample works at and Sample works at
  • Dummy  + (Sandbox entry/page.)
  • LibreOffice  + (See the general [
    See the general [ documentation page] or [ documentation documentation download page] for user documentation to help you get started using all the functionality of LibreOffice. '''Further documentation and help''' * [ FAQs] * [ Mailing lists] * [ Nabble mailing list interface] * [ System requirements documentation] * [ Installation instructions] for detailed step-by-step instructions for installing LibreOffice on your operating system. * [ Accessibility information]
    /accessibility/ Accessibility information])
  • Decorator  + (See Homepage.)
  • Multitalk  + (See README)
  • Pegboard  + (See README file.)
  • Yabause  + (See README file.)
  • Shoali  + (See [])
  • Chocoholic  + (See [ wiki].)
  • Lazarus  + (See [ Lazarus wiki].)
  • Tox  + (See [ developer documentation] and the [ Tox wiki].)
  • Dot-mode  + (See also
    See also N.B. Emacs uses M-p/M-n to browse the [ minibuffer history] (and C-p/C-n to move to the previous/next line in a multi-line buffer…
    /kbd> to move to the previous/next line in a multi-line buffer…)
  • Injector  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Blackbox  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Cricket  + (See for a complete list)
  • Stopmotion  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • TikiWiki  + (See for a list of current documentation)
  • FLAC  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • GIST  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • GStreamer-Editor  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • HighLine  + (See for a completelist of documentationx)
  • Jmol  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Maxima  + (See for a list of documentation)
  • EMAN  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • OpenHatch  + (See for up-to-date contribution notes.)
  • Pari  + (See for a complete list of online and downloadable documentation)
  • Sphere Filler  + (See
  • Plone  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Lighttpd  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • SableCC  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • SableVM  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • OpenMAD  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Stunnel  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Svk  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Html2ps html2pdf  + (See for full documentation.)
  • SAMBA  + (See for complete list)
  • XCLE  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • GEDA-gaf  + (See for a complete list of documentation.)
  • Maintain  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Fslint  + (See
  • WriteType  + (See
  • Claroline  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Pixie  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Dokeos  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Graphviz  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Interchange  + (See for a complete list of documentation. User demo available in HTML format from
  • Jinzora  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • J  + (See and/or for reference documentation.)
  • Midgard  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • MyCMS  + (See for a complete list)
  • High Level Assembly Language  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • RSBAC  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Biferno  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • Tcl Tk  + (See for a complete lsit of documentation)
  • LibTAP  + (See for a complete list)
  • UDO  + (See for a complete list of German and English documentation)
  • Inferno  + (See for a complete list of documentation)
  • More Speech  + (See for documentation.)
  • EtherCalc  + (See for licenses)
  • Gradio  + (See
  • Academic Teaching Planner  + (See
  • Alpine3D  + (See
  • Sympa  + (See
  • DocTestTools  + (See included release notes file or click here:
  • Pigz  + (See readme in source tarball or
  • CherryMusic  + (See the CherryMusic [ link wiki] for user and developer information.)
  • GNOME Color Chooser  + (See the FAQ article here
  • Safeheap  + (See the README file in the source package.)
  • PredictionIO  + (See the [ developers' guide].)
  • ReCaged  + (See the [ forum].)
  • Monit  + (See the [ monit manual] and [ wiki/how-to].)
  • Pfcalc  + (See the [ pr
    See the [ project homepage], including the [ user guide], [ sample files], and the [ math section] of the site. math section] of the site.)
  • Pac manager  + (See the [ PAC Manager wiki] for documentation.)
  • Ratpoison  + (See the info manual for more information.)
  • Postslate  + (See the tutorial at
  • Unieject  + (See the unieject man page. It hasn't a co
    See the unieject man page. It hasn't a complete syntax compatibility with either GNU/Linux's or FreeBSD's ejects as they have conflicts between them, but the main options are the same. It can fully replace FreeBSD's eject (in both atapi and atapicam mode), and already mime the main options of GNU/Linux's eject.
    ime the main options of GNU/Linux's eject.)
  • Xmodmap  + (See the xmodmap man page. [[Emacs]] users: see [ EmacsWiki: X Mod Map])
  • Lib-Ray Video Tools  + (See website for rationale, specification and other details. Also see
  • Libreboot  + (See: docs/index.html or
  • Mensa  + (See:
  • Peep  + (Server documentation available in HTML format from; Client documentation available in HTML format from
  • Atom  + (Settings info for Atom 1.18.0)
  • E2wm  + (Short description available at:
  • Sinx  + (Sinx is a free software designed to be ins
    Sinx is a free software designed to be installed on the web server and follows the same principle the installation of the various CMS using php and mysql as programming language for data storage. Install sinx, therefore, entails the need for the user to have a minimum of knowledge base in this respect essential for the successful installation.
    essential for the successful installation.)
  • Tomboy  + (Some user documentation is included)
  • Penalizedplaid  + (Source can be found by unpacking the included JAR files.)
  • Dmbcs-kraken-api  + (Source contains texinfo, fully describing the installation and use of this facility. View at
  • RVK Manager script for Blender  + (Spanish documentation at
  • BIF  + (Spanish user manual available in HTML format from
  • Dungeon-mode  + (Status We are completing proofs of concep
    Status We are completing proofs of concept to assemble a minimum play-testable version (i.e. a minimum learning product"). Interactive exploration of dungeon maps (implemented in dm-map.el and bound to C-u or via M-x dm-map-draw RET) is modestly stable while features such as WISIWYG map editing are beginning to take form (see dm-sketch.el or try M-x dm-sketch RET). Misc The name of the project is "dungeon". The name of the product (e.g. of the software) is "dungeon-mode" In code, variables and functions are prefixed "dm-". This is consistent with the Emacs tradition of using lower case names for features and of suffixing "-mode" to programs that provide a primary/drive interface to Emacs while running.
    primary/drive interface to Emacs while running.)
  • Manhattan Virtual Classroom  + (Student's manual available from http://prd
    Student's manual available from; Teacher's guide available from; Administrator's Manual available from
  • Etmtk  + (Support google group!forum/eventandtaskmanager)
  •  + (Support mailing list: Check all the projects under
  • Sweet Home 3D  + (Sweet Home 3D is available in 25 languages, and may be run under Linux, macOS, Windows.)
  • NX  + (Syadmin's guide available in HTML, PDF formats from; User HOWTO available in HTML, PDF from
  • Matrix-synapse  + (Synapse is currently in rapid development, but as of version 0.5 we believe it is sufficiently stable to be run as an internet-facing service for real usage!)
  • Emilda  + (Sysadmin guide available in HTML format from; Dveloper API guide available in HTML format from
  • HylaFax  + (System administrator install guide availab
    System administrator install guide available in HTML format from; User quickstart available in HTML format from; user reference manual available in HTML format from
    format from
  • Uni2ascii  + (The -h flag provides fairly detailed usage information. Standard Unix man pages are provided with the source.)
  • Tntnet  + (The API documentation can be found [ here])
  • Xorn  + (The API documentation is available here: [])
  • Minfx  + (The API documentation with full descriptions of all the optimisation algorithms is available at
  • Clutter  + (The Clutter API reference is available on the [ GNOME developers website]. Documentation is also available on the [ GNOME wiki].)
  • Emacs  + (The Emacs manual is an excellent resource
    The Emacs manual is an excellent resource for learning about Emacs; you can read it from within Emacs by typing C-h r. See also the [ GNU Emacs Manuals Online] page. === How to Report Bugs Effectively === if you encounter problems building or using Emacs, send a report to [ ] with full details (if possible, use M-x report-emacs-bug). === See also === * [ A Guided Tour of Emacs]
    === * [ A Guided Tour of Emacs])
  • Gfortran  + (The GCC user manual is available in HTML or PostScript format from and a printed version of the GCC manual is available from
  • Glpk  + (The GLPK documentation consists of the Ref
    The GLPK documentation consists of the Reference Manual and the description of the GNU MathProg modeling language. Both these documents are included in the distribution (in LaTeX, DVI, and PostScript formats) See also GLPK on Wikibooks at
    ooks at
  • Guix  + (The GNU Guix Reference Manual is available
    The GNU Guix Reference Manual is available at === The Guix package manager === This [ shell installer script] is recommended to install Guix on top of a running GNU/Linux system. The script automates the download, installation, and initial configuration of Guix. It should be run as the root user. When installed on a foreign distro, GNU Guix complements the available tools without interference. Its data lives exclusively in two directories, usually ''/gnu/store'' and ''/var/guix''; other files on your system, such as ''/etc'', are left untouched. Once installed, Guix can be updated by running guix pull. See [ invoking guix pull]. More information at === The Guix operating system distribution === The latest Guix System release comes with ISO-9660 installation images, a virtual machine image, and with tarballs to install the package manager on top of any GNU/Linux distros, either from source or from binaries. Guix users can update by running guix pull. Guix is a fully free distro designed to improving the freedom and autonomy of computer users. Users can install their own packages without interfering with each other, yet without unnecessarily increasing disk usage or rebuilding every package. Users can in fact create as many software environments as they like. === The Guix deployment tool === Guix is also active in reproducible software deployment for high-performance computing (HPC). More information at
    ormance computing (HPC). More information at
  • Free Oberon  + (The IDE includes a cross-platform module G
    The IDE includes a cross-platform module Graph for graphics programming. It is built on top of SDL2 library. Free Oberon is part of a larger project, which includes writing a series of textbooks on programming, teaching materials, the development of Oberon compiler and other programs, with the idea to develop computer science as ''science'' and popularize it among programmers and students.
    ularize it among programmers and students.)
  • Flex  + (The Texinfo source of the '''current Flex
    The Texinfo source of the '''current Flex manual''' is found in the Flex source package at The old version of the initial manual written by the GNU Project is kept at '''for historical reference only'''. ---- '''Selection from the [ FSF shop]''' [ Free as in Freedom 2.0, by Richard Stallman] ---- ---- '''[ Helping the GNU Project and the Free Software Movement]''' ---- ----
    the Free Software Movement]''' ---- ----)
  • FroZenLight  + (The [ site] and program contain detailed documentation as well as [ math exercises].)
  • Blender  + (The [
    The [ Blender User Manual] is also available to download in [ HTML] and [ PDF] formats.
    ntation/BlenderManual.pdf.gz PDF] formats.)
  • Lgogd uri  + (The application UI and installation proces
    The application UI and installation process are designed to be simple enough that the [ README] should be enough lgogd_uri documentation for anyone... even if they had to rely on a friend to get LGOGDownloader installed.
    a friend to get LGOGDownloader installed.)
  • Commandoo  + (The commandoo AppImage was developed in Ku
    The commandoo AppImage was developed in Kubuntu 20.04 as a qt5 application and has been tested on Fedora 32, Ubuntu 20.04, Kubuntu 18.04, Manjaro 20.04, and OpenSuse Leap 15.2. I've also been told it runs in Ubuntu 16.04. So, while designed in and for the recent 20.04 distros it will run on all the LTR distros too. In those cases I recommend using text based databases rather than the older sqlite libraries used by the older distros. It doesn't matter if the distro has qt5 installed or not, it will still work because the AppImage is self-contained. Basically, it should work on any major distribution using any desktop environment (note: outside of Kubuntu 20.04 it will not pay any attention to theming, sadly. I will be working on this).
    heming, sadly. I will be working on this).)
  • Verish  + (The complete documentation is provided on
    The complete documentation is provided on the Verish website, and is GFDL. The Verish website also includes a growing knowledge base of useful definitions and proofs in Verish, (with comments in English), which is intended to grow roughly according to the plan of Roget's Thesaurus. The knowledge base is also GFDL.
    esaurus. The knowledge base is also GFDL.)
  • Farstream  + (The core API documentation is available for [ Farstream] and its [ plugins].)
  • Mastrave  + (The core of Mastrave is based on the essen
    The core of Mastrave is based on the essential intersection of the GNU Octave and Matlab languages. As a consequence, each module/function of the Mastrave library can be documented directly within the source code, using comments. The documentation can be accessed - as with each GNU Octave/Matlab function - by typing [ help] within either GNU Octave or Matlab computing environment.
    NU Octave or Matlab computing environment.)
  • Servletapi  + (The current version of the servlet API is 3.0. The current version of the Java ServerPages API is 2.1.)
  • Zlib  + (The data format used by the zlib library i
    The data format used by the zlib library is described by the following RFCs: *[ RFC 1950] (zlib format) *[ RFC 1951] (deflate format) *[ RFC 1952] (gzip format) All functions of the compression library are documented in the file zlib.h. A usage example of the library is given in the file test/example.c which also tests that the library is working correctly. Another example is given in the file test/minigzip.c. The compression library itself is composed of all source files in the root directory. To compile all files and run the test program, follow the instructions given at the top of In short "./configure; make test", and if that goes well, "make install" works for GNU and BSD systems.
    ke install" works for GNU and BSD systems.)
  • Fftw  + (The doc/ directory contains the manual in [[texinfo]], PDF, info, and HTML formats.)
  • Photo Organizer  + (The documentation is [ available here].)
  • Lesen  + (The documentation is currently only in German language. But feel free to contact the author in English if you have questions.)
  • JDEE  + (The easiest way to install this package is
    The easiest way to install this package is with [ MELPA]. To install this package, run in Emacs: M-x package-list-packages C-s jdee i x See a [ quick tour of JDEE]. See the [ JDEE User's Guide].
    oc/html/jde-ug/jde-ug-content.html JDEE User's Guide].)
  • Castle Game Engine  + (The engine has extensive documentation (manual, tutorials, API reference) on .)
  • Ffpi  + (The ffpi website contains additional information about the FFPI: (Dutch version) (English version))
  • Getmail  + (The full documentation for getmail is maintained in [ HTML] and plaintext formats. See the included files for details.)
  • Reftex  + (The latest documentation is available at h
    The latest documentation is available at There is also an extensive [[Texinfo]] document describing RefTeX in detail. One way to view this documentation is M-x reftex-info RET. The documentation in various formats is also available at RefTeX is bundled with [[Emacs]] and available as a plug-in package for [[XEmacs]]. If you need to install it yourself, you can find a distribution at
    ion at
  • Stumpwm  + (The latest version of the user manual is available at:
  • ODF-XSLT  + (The manual [ is here] and the API [ is here.])
  • Naamari  + (The manual is included in release archive in form of .chm files (currently in 3 languages), and "Specs" page on the site describes encryption scheme.)
  • Tomcat  + (The most up-to-date documentation for each version can be found at: * * *
  • Network Simulator  + (The ns-3 documentation is available in several forms, cf. [ online] for more informations.)
  • Breach  + (The original site ( seems to be down at the time of writing.)
  • Tipue-Search  + (The original website (including its suppor
    The original website (including its support section) has been sold and now the software is maintained by the community in independent, unofficial repositories. This FSD entry links to an up-to-date repository. '''Security notice: please check the source code carefully before downloading a copy'''.
    de carefully before downloading a copy'''.)
  • Abs  + (The page offers access to this programming guide in serveral formats.)
  • Kiwix  + (The project contains several software pack
    The project contains several software packages, among which : * [[kiwix-desktop|Kiwix Desktop]] for GNU/Linux and Windows * [[kiwix-tools|Kiwix tools]], a collection of command-line tools available on GNU/Linux and BSD * [[kiwix-lib|Kiwix library]], a common code base for all Kiwix ports * Kiwix Android, a mobile app available on F-Froid * Kiwix Apple for OS X and iOS
    on F-Froid * Kiwix Apple for OS X and iOS)
  • IDempiere  + (The protection and respect of all the credits are located in the official repository
  • Relax  + (The relax documentation page is http://www
    The relax documentation page is The relax user manual can be browsed online at, or viewed in PDF form at
  • Dnote  + (The repository contains the source code and releases of a number of different clients for Dnote, including CLI, web, and the API server.)
  • Lauloid  + (The repository contains unofficial documentation for the proprietary UST and VSQ formats.)
  • WORLD  + (The software was repackaged for Trisquel, and Windows binaries have been removed from the distribution.)
  • Yetris  + (The source code is documented with Doxygen and has a man page.)
  • Lbench  + (The user guide is available from the [help] button and goes into more detail about each benchmark and its configurable parameters.)
  • GeoGebra  + (There does not appear to be a free manual for this software. If you are familiar with its use, please consider writing a free manual for it.)
  • Perl-gstreamer  + (There is a [[GStreamer1|separate Perl modu
    There is a [[GStreamer1|separate Perl module]] for the 1.x series of the [[GStreamer]] C libraries. The two C libraries, as well as their associated [[Perl]] modules, can be installed concurrently on the same host. To install this package, run the following commands: perl Makefile.PL make make test make install
    efile.PL make make test make install)
  • Me and My Shadow  + (There is a [ wiki] with extensive documentation for users and developers.)
  • Xdebug  + (There is a tutorial at [http://docs.joomla
    There is a tutorial at [ Joomla's Xdebug tutorial] that explains how to set up Xdebug with Eclipse. Documentation (including an API reference) is available from the Xdebug website too, but it did not appear to be freely redistributable, which is why I included the above link.
    e, which is why I included the above link.)
  • Enlightenment  + (There is extensive documentation for both
    There is extensive documentation for both the Enlightenment window manager and Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL). Some helpful starting points include: * [ Homepage] * [ The Enlightenment wiki] * [ Contact methods] * [ EFL docs] Info and documentation for other software programs that are part of the Enlightenment project: *[ Terminology] Graphically sophisticated terminal emulator *[ Rage] Sophisticated movie player. *[ EDI] Enlightenment-based modern Linux IDE Git repository list of the rpoject: *[ Project forest]
    s:// Project forest])
  • Adns  + (There is no manual yet. More information at
  • Streetsign  + (There is quite a bit of documentation at , including Getting Started guides, system admin information, and other useful documents.)
  • Siitperf  + (There is some basic documentation in the r
    There is some basic documentation in the file on its GitHub page. There is a proper documentation in my open access paper: G. Lencse, "Design and Implementation of a Software Tester for Benchmarking Stateless NAT64 Gateways", IEICE Transactions on Communications, DOI: 10.1587/transcom.2019EBN0010
  • Algart  + (These libraries are fully documented by Javadoc)
  • Gcompris  + (This [ page
    This [ page] is about the old legacy version of Gcompris. The manual for the new version is not ready yet. === Notes === GCompris is developed within the [ KDE community] and is part of the [ GNU Project]. See also the [ GNU Education Project]. GNU Education Project].)
  • BlockSignal  + (This distribution includes cryptographic s
    This distribution includes cryptographic software. The country in which you currently reside may have restrictions on the import, possession, use, and/or re-export to another country, of encryption software. BEFORE using any encryption software, please check your country's laws, regulations and policies concerning the import, possession, or use, and re-export of encryption software, to see if this is permitted. See for more information. The U.S. Government Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), has classified this software as Export Commodity Control Number (ECCN) 5D002.C.1, which includes information security software using or performing cryptographic functions with asymmetric algorithms. The form and manner of this distribution makes it eligible for export under the License Exception ENC Technology Software Unrestricted (TSU) exception (see the BIS Export Administration Regulations, Section 740.13) for both object code and source code.
    .13) for both object code and source code.)
  • Zoom Page WE  + (This extension can be used as a workaround to Firefox bug: Set a Default Text Size (or Page Zoom Level) in Tools > Options > Content > Default Page Size -
  • Gnustep-base  + (This package contains the GNUstep Base Lib
    This package contains the GNUstep Base Library API reference, as well as the GNUstep Base programming manual and GNUstep Coding Standards in Info, HTML and PDF format. === Examples === This package also contains [[gnustep-examples|examples]] that show the use of different interfaces; it includes classes for strings, object collections, byte streams, typed coders, invocations, notifications, notification dispatchers, moments in time, network ports, remote object messaging support (distributed objects), and event loops.
    rt (distributed objects), and event loops.)
  • Gnustep-make  + (This package contains the makefiles needed to compile any GNUstep software, and the GNUstep Test Framework used by GNUstep packages to build and run tests.)
  • Gawk  + (This package is well suited for working wi
    This package is well suited for working with text files, when several kinds of tasks occur repeatedly, for extracting certain lines and discard the rest is needed, or for making changes wherever certain patterns appear. It can handle simple data-reformatting jobs with just a few lines of code. Full documentation available at === Further reading === * [ Gawkinet: TCP/IP Internetworking with Gawk] * [ AWK Language Programming], by Arnold D. Robbins '''Bookstore''' [ Effective awk Programming, 4th Edition]
    do Effective awk Programming, 4th Edition])
  • Gnustep-back  + (This package provides three separate graphics back-ends: *cairo - use [[cairo]] as graphics backend *libart - use libart as graphics backend *xlib - use xlib as graphics backend)
  • Taler  + (This project was funded through the [https
    This project was funded through the [ NGI0 PET] Fund, a fund established by [ NLnet] with financial support from the European Commission's [ Next Generation Internet] programme. For now, the team is in discussions with several regular banks as well as several central banks about the project, so there are currently no products in the market. The project is still in an early stage. More information at === Further reading === * [ The GNU Taler System: Practical and Provably Secure Electronic Payments], by Florian Dold, PhD Thesis (2019)
    ments], by Florian Dold, PhD Thesis (2019))
  • MyBkp 2  + (To check the current level of features, issue the command 'mybkp --help')
  • Flyspell  + (To enable Flyspell minor mode, type: <k
    To enable Flyspell minor mode, type: M-x flyspell-mode . This applies only to the current buffer. To enable Flyspell in text representing computer programs, type: M-x flyspell-prog-mode . In that mode, only text inside comments is checked. N.B. Flyspell is compatible with [[Auctex|TeX editing]].
    comments is checked. N.B. Flyspell is compatible with [[Auctex|TeX editing]].)
  • Gnus  + (To get into the Gnus Info manual, and any
    To get into the Gnus Info manual, and any other info manual, run in Emacs: C-h i This will go to the top level of the info system. Then go to node Gnus An online version of the manual is available at: See also:
  • Mailcrypt  + (To hook Mailcrypt into your mail and news
    To hook Mailcrypt into your mail and news browsers, follow the directions in the "Installation" section of the Mailcrypt manual. If you don't know how to use the [[Emacs|Emacs Info browser]], you should learn; type C-h i and poke around. You can read the Info version of the Mailcrypt manual by doing C-u C-h i on the file
    doing <kbd>C-u C-h i</kbd> on the file
  • Cobol-mode  + (To install this package, run in Emacs: <kbd>M-x package-install RET cobol-mode</kbd> N.B. not be confused with [ Rick Bielawski's cobol-mode.el])
  • Gnugo.el  + (To install this package, run in Emacs: <kbd>M-x package-install RET gnugo RET</kbd> Then, enter the command: <kbd>M-x gnugo</kbd> This will put the emacs buffer into GNUGO Board mode and will run the [[GNU Go]] program, or resume a game in progress.)
  • Scanner  + (To install this package, run in [[Emacs]]: <code>M-x package-install RET scanner RET</code>)
  • Psgml  + (To install this package, run in [[Emacs]]: <kbd>M-x package-install RET psgml RET</kbd> Then read the Texinfo manual provided with the distribution.)
  • Boehm garbage collector  + (Tutorial PDF at
  • Dbtoy  + (Tutorial at
  • Little Wizard  + (Tutorial on line at
  • MathEOS  + (Tutorials and user manual can be found at
  • SolveSpace  + (Tutorials at:
  • RufasSwap  + (Two [pre-compiled] binary executables are
    Two [pre-compiled] binary executables are provided, one for gnu/linux and one for OS-X. The static OSX executable is intended to have minimal runtime requirements: rufaswap_osx. The other binary, rufaswap_gnu, is intended to run on 64-bit linux in the presence of the directory "libs", which contains some dynamically loaded libraries that can be, but need not be present on a target system: SDL2, SFML. Build scripts for OS-X and GNU/Linux are provided also.
    for OS-X and GNU/Linux are provided also.)
  • RufasSeven  + (Unzip the archive and you will see a new d
    Unzip the archive and you will see a new directory appear with a name like "bundle_", that you should rename to something like "seven_install_directory". Linux users should then cd to seven_install_directory, then type "seven_gnu" to start the game. You may also double click the icon for seven_gnu in file manager. Mac users note that this game may be initiated in two ways also. First, by opening a terminal, navigating to the seven_install_directory, and typing "seven_osx" on the command line. Second by navigating to the installation directory in Finder and clicking the "" icon named "Seven". Note also that a 2-finger-swipe simulates the mouse wheel on a MacBook.
    er-swipe simulates the mouse wheel on a MacBook.)

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