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== ToAdd ==
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Adonay Felipe Nogueira|noerror}}
{| class="wikitable sortable"
I'm also known as <code>[[IRC Freenode nick::adfeno]]</code> in irc://chat.freenode.net.
! Project name (links to where the source files can be found, if '''the contributor''' found them)
! Possible categories
! class="unsortable" | Notes
| [https://github.com/olesmith/sade SAdE]
| Student information system
| [https://softwarepublico.gov.br/gitlab/i-educar/i-educar/wikis/git_access i-Educar]
| Student information system
| [https://softwarepublico.gov.br/social/sagu/ Sagu]
| Student information system
| * Site informs that the license is "CC GPL", and the link takes us to a page hosted at CreativeCommons.org that is an unofficial translation of the GPLv2 to the Brazilian Portuguese language.
* Be careful with the "modules" and "tools" direcotiries, they '''seem''' to be from different projects.
[http://ocax.net/ OCAx]
My local time uses <code>[[TZ database time zone name::America/Sao_Paulo]]</code> as time zone.
[https://github.com/camaradosdeputadosoficial/edemocracia e-Democracia]
    Member of team=Free Software Directory:Backlog Admin Group
[https://github.com/labhackercd/Retorica/tree/integration Retorica]
= Contact (contato) =
[https://github.com/labhackercd/painel-social/ Painel Social]
* [https://libreplanet.org/wiki/User:Adfeno LibrePlanet wiki]
* [https://ecodigital.social/@adfeno Mastodon]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/wikilegis WikiLegis]
* [https://peertube.social/accounts/adfeno/about PeerTube]
* [https://identi.ca/adfeno Pump.io blog]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/edm e-Democracia for Android (e-DM)]
* [https://trisquel.info/en/users/adfeno Trisquel forum/tracker]
* [https://devel.trisquel.info/adfeno Trisquel GitLab]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/teste_participativo Teste Participativo]
* [https://savannah.gnu.org/users/adfeno GNU Savannah]
* [https://forums.hyperbola.info/profile.php?id=72 Hyperbola forum]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/labhackercd.net LabHackerCD.net]
* [https://labs.parabola.nu/users/249 Parabola Redmine]
* [https://redmine.replicant.us/users/20604 Replicant Redmine]
[https://github.com/marquedenuncia/marque-denuncia Marque Denuncia]
* [https://tracker.pureos.net/p/adfeno/ PureOS Phabricator]
* [https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/buglist.cgi?email1=adfeno%40hyperbola.info&emailassigned_to1=1&emailcc1=1&emaillongdesc1=1&emailreporter1=1&emailtype1=substring&list_id=988564&query_format=advanced&resolution=--- LibreOffice tracker]
[https://github.com/okfn-brasil/mosaico Mosaico]
* [http://adfeno.mooo.com:8080/P%C3%BAblico/adfeno.asc OpenPGP]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/politicame PoliticaMe]
[http://www.serpro.gov.br/downloads/expresso Expresso Livre] (review again?)
[https://github.com/kellyton/politicianrating PoliticianRating]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/WebSite OPovoUnido]
[https://github.com/jyoshiriro/prisma-camara Prisma-Camara]
[https://github.com/luisleao/oicamara Oi Câmara]
[https://github.com/plraphael/parlamento_virtual Parlamento Virtual]
[https://github.com/cidadao-automatico/cidadao-server Cidadão Automático (server)]
[https://github.com/Deliberatorio/Deliberatorio Deliberatorio]
[https://github.com/cidadao-automatico/cidadao-frontend Cidadão Automático (front-end)]
[https://github.com/labhackercd/InfoSeca InfoSeca]
[https://softwarepublico.gov.br/social/sagui/ Sagui] (it's not Sugu, it's a different project)
[https://github.com/victorrseloy/futecamara Futecamara]
[https://github.com/fernandoasevedo/tema Tema Extraído de Maneira Automática]
[https://github.com/pmarkun/biscoitinho Extrato Legislativo]

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