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Revision as of 17:58, 10 October 2013

after 1 march 2013

Last review date: 6009

Last review by: 7601

Version date: 2541

Submitted date: 9001

License verified date: 8601

after 1 April 2013

Last review date: 5987

Last review by: 7601

Version date: 2505

Submitted date: 7558

License verified date: 7108

 Last review dateLast review byVersion dateLicense verified dateIs GNU
ADX Addressbook31 March 2018Bartensud14 March 201731 July 2009false
Android-latinoware28 April 2017Donaldr328 April 2017false
Butter28 April 2017Donaldr328 April 2017false
Calamares28 April 2017Donaldr324 February 201728 April 2017false
Congruit28 April 2017Donaldr328 April 2017false
Rnetclient26 April 2017Adfeno6 April 201626 April 2017false
Declara26 April 2017Adfeno2 March 201726 April 2017false
Zcash22 April 2017David Hedlund28 March 201729 October 2016false
BAR21 April 20171 August 20094 August 2009false
IceCat16 April 2017David Hedlund15 April 201712 July 2015
15 August 2015
5 October 2016
Foodsoft14 April 2017Donaldr314 April 2017false
Primer Pooler7 April 2017Tedtfalse
Aenig45 April 2017Jorgicor4 April 2017false
Zclassic3 April 2017David Hedlund5 April 2017false
Electric Fields Visualization Python3 April 2017Hserrano3 April 2017false
Xmonad2 April 2017Pastaf10 February 201720 November 2015false
Edlib26 March 2017Tedt3 February 2017false
Verish26 March 2017Tedtfalse
Pump.io26 March 201710 March 201712 July 2013false
Gtkmm19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 March 201729 April 2002false
HardInfo19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 September 200924 July 2007false
GtkExtra--19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 December 200123 April 2002false
H2O Rotisserie19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 June 20044 June 2003false
Gxmlviewer19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 November 200119 April 2002false
Guile-dbd-mysql19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 August 20154 February 2005false
GtkPSproc19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 February 20095 November 2004false
HTTP-WebTest19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 200331 July 2002false
Gtk2Hs19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 November 20137 July 2005false
Gweled19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 March 201111 November 2003false
Guido von Robot19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 March 20102 March 2004false
Gtkpod19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 June 201517 November 2005false
GtkHTML19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 September 201531 January 2001false
HTML GenToc19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 April 201115 August 2003false
Gtk-IPTables19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 December 200618 December 2006false
Gwyddion19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 November 201628 May 2006false
Guikachu19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 August 20077 February 2004false
GtkSpell19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 August 201627 January 2004false
HTTP-Replicator19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 January 200814 October 2004false
Gtk2hack19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 200527 April 2005false
Gv4l19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 November 200422 November 2004false
Gujin19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 January 20135 October 2005false
Gtranslator19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 201513 June 2003false
GtkLP for CUPS19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 March 20179 February 2007false
HTML Mason19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 May 20152 August 2002false
Gtk-gnutella19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 November 201623 October 2006false
Gwine19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 October 200528 July 2004false
Guarddog19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 March 200714 June 2001false
Gtkdialog19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 April 200730 January 2004false
Hammerhead19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 December 200813 February 2006false
GtkDatabox19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 October 20163 August 2006false
GutenPy19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 July 200625 July 2006false
Gumnut19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 June 201425 February 2008false
Guile-gtk19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 December 200715 February 2005true
GtkLife19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 September 200621 July 2004false
HTML Merge19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 September 20057 May 2002false
Gtk-nocker19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 March 20021 April 2002false
Gwenview19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 September 200730 August 2001false
Gubby19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 December 200429 July 2003false
Gtkdiff19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 April 200131 January 2001false
Happydigger19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 October 200722 March 2005false
GtkExtra19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 201620 June 2002false
Gup19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 August 20131 January 2001false
Gyach Enhanced19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 April 20056 November 2009false
Guile-dbd-postgresql19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 August 20154 February 2005false
GtkOL-LDAP19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 August 200723 March 2007false
HTTP Anti Virus Proxy19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 November 201013 October 2005false
Gtk-viewer19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 September 200314 September 2003false
Gwenhywfar19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 201722 March 2004false
Gufw- Gui for Uncomplicated Firewall19 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 November 201621 April 2009false
Gronk18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 20053 September 2002false
Gpdf18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 March 20052 July 2003false
GoSamba18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 August 20055 September 2006false
Gravit18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 May 20126 March 2006false
Gtetrinet18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 November 200623 June 2003false
Gnomeradio18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 September 20081 February 2002false
GraphicsMagick18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 20169 June 2003false
Gslapt-get18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 March 201623 June 2005false
Gpivtools18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 October 200821 September 2004false
Gretools18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 200420 January 2004false
Gospy-applet18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 April 200921 November 2006false
Gnu Gadu 218 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 October 200616 June 2004false
Graft18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 201720 March 2003false
Gstat18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 April 20127 May 2001false
Gnomedb18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 June 201531 January 2001false
Gq18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 January 200815 November 2002false
Group-Office18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 March 20173 November 2005false
Gphoto218 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 November 201631 January 2001false
Goblin Graph Library18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 October 20095 September 2002false
Grdesktop18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 March 200411 November 2003false
Gnomoradio18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 20049 February 2004false
GraphThing18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 December 20066 March 2003false
Gslist18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 January 201426 May 2005false
Gplflash18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 January 20051 December 2004false
Gri18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 July 201116 October 2003false
Gotmail18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 April 200715 December 2005false
Gnu Hosting Helper18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 July 200611 November 2005false
Grafist18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200327 January 2003false
Gsysinfo18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 January 20027 February 2001false
GnomeMeeting 218 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 March 20055 April 2002false
Gqview18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 December 200624 July 2002false
Grsync18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 201627 July 2007false
Gphotocoll18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 November 200113 March 2002false
GoldenPod18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 October 201128 April 2009false
GreatCharts18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 March 200231 January 2006false
Gnonlin18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 October 201427 April 2006false
GraphMonkey18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 May 200716 July 2007false
Gsmbscanner18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 August 200115 April 2002false
GAdmin-ProFTPD18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 November 201422 February 2008false
Grig18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 December 201531 January 2005false
Gourmet Recipe Manager18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 June 201425 August 2005false
Gnugo18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 February 200924 February 2009true
GradeL18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 201028 March 2007false
Gt518 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 August 200723 August 2005false
Ekiga18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 February 201320 April 2006false
Grabinfo18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 October 200414 April 2004false
Gsasl18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 May 201230 March 2010true
Gphoton18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 January 200222 March 2002false
Googlism18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 April 200930 April 2009false
Gregorio18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 September 201617 November 2009false
Gnono18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 February 200727 October 2009false
Grapefruit18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 August 201620 November 2009false
Gspoof18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 December 200329 August 2002false
Gnome-pilot18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 March 201131 January 2001false
Gpsui18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 April 200118 April 2002false
Groff18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 November 201413 January 2009true
Gpasman18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 January 200425 March 2003false
Gnuit18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 February 200924 February 2009true
Grace18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 February 20153 July 2001false
Gtapecalc18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 November 20023 December 2002false
GnomerMind18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 June 200122 June 2001false
Graphviz18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 December 20164 May 2005false
Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200922 January 2009false
Gpiv18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 May 200921 September 2004false
Grepmail18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 August 20096 June 2001false
Gsl18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 201612 March 2010true
Gnostic18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 August 200719 May 2009false
Grammatica18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 May 201514 May 2003false
Gst-python18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 February 201730 March 2004false
GnomeBaker18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 June 200819 October 2009false
Gpub18 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 September 200123 September 2001false
Gnome Nine Men's Morris17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 March 200920 March 2009false
Gnome Wireless Applet17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 June 200112 April 2002false
GitPython17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 March 201721 August 2009false
Gnome Character Map17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 November 201618 April 2002false
GiFT-FastTrack17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 May 200610 May 2006false
GlChess17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 June 200730 May 2006false
GnoTime17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 July 201314 April 2004false
Gnome-hearts17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 January 200930 January 2009false
GetID317 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 December 201620 October 2004false
Glv - OpenGL viewer command line tool17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 200922 January 2009false
Gnome Icon Packaging utility17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 20086 November 2008false
Gnome Subtitles17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 March 201311 December 2008false
Gimmage17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 June 200719 June 2007false
Ghemical17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 October 201122 February 2002false
Gnome Application Library (gal)17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 200919 March 2009false
Gfax17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 May 200820 October 2000false
Gnickr17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 December 20053 January 2007false
Gnome Workstation Command Center17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 January 200219 April 2002false
Gerstensaft17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 December 200628 November 2006false
Giv17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 June 201621 November 2006false
Gnome Chinese Checkers17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
Gnome Password Generator17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 March 200920 March 2009false
GiNaC17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 January 201731 January 2001false
Gizmo Daemon17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 July 20099 December 2005false
Gnobog17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 May 20017 December 2000false
Gnome-nettool17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 May 201310 March 2005false
GetOpts17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 July 201428 January 2009false
Gmailsender17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 October 200617 October 2006false
Gnome Mathematical Interface17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 200919 March 2009false
Gnome Swallow17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 September 200315 May 2006false
Gimmix17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 November 200911 February 2009false
Ghex17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 October 201624 April 2002false
Gnome Attacks17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200918 March 2009false
Gfe17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 July 20007 June 2001true
Gno3dtet17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 March 20053 May 2001false
Gnome ir Monitor17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
Gestalter17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 20059 April 2004false
Gitarella17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 July 200627 May 2006false
Gnome Flow17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 March 20018 February 2001false
Gnome Predict17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 December 201527 July 2006false
Gicq17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 200123 August 2002false
Give Take17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 October 200119 May 2002false
Gnocl17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 201215 January 2003false
Gnome-network17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 November 200329 November 2003false
Gevice: GNOME Network Device17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 October 20112 November 2009false
Gmandel17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 March 20155 September 2002false
Gnome Multires17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
Gnome Toaster17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 August 200118 April 2002false
Gimp Text Colorer17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 November 200219 November 2002false
Ghostview17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 March 201731 January 2001false
Gnome BitTorrent Downloader17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 200919 March 2009false
Gfontview17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200211 April 2002false
GnoMint17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 201624 March 2009false
Gnome transcript17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 March 200031 January 2001false
GetAbsPath17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 September 200415 September 2004false
Glark17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 September 20065 August 2002false
Gnome ICU17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 March 20118 April 2002false
Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 August 200625 July 2006false
Giflib17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 April 201621 January 2009false
Ggiterm17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 June 200530 June 2005false
Gnofract4D17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 February 201326 March 2002false
Getleft17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 January 200831 January 2001false
Gnac (GNome Audio Converter)17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 May 201215 October 2009false
Gnome Netstatus17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 February 20047 February 2004false
Gnome VFS17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 201115 April 2002false
Gip17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 August 200924 June 2004false
Gnome Catalog17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 March 200920 March 2009false
Ghronos17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 200531 January 2003false
Ggcov17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 201415 August 2003false
GnoRPM17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 200126 February 2004false
Gnome-chord (Gchord)17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
GetDP17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 January 201710 May 2004false
Glossword17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 201212 July 2004false
Gnome IP Messenger17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200918 March 2009false
Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 February 201724 January 2007false
Gifsicle17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 July 201512 February 2003false
Ghc17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 January 201717 June 2003false
Gnomba17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 March 200115 April 2002false
Gewels17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 November 200329 November 2003false
Gneutronica17 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 July 20061 May 2006false
Gequel16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 August 20159 February 2005false
Gabber16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 May 200329 March 2001false
Gconf-editor16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 November 201119 March 2009false
Generic Coloriser16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 March 201720 March 2001false
GTKtalog16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 February 200420 November 2000false
Gazpacho16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 July 200722 February 2005false
GeboGebo16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 June 20053 February 2005false
GanttPV16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 March 200918 December 2006false
Gallery16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 June 201327 November 2002false
Gdm16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 201713 March 2001false
Genius16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 December 201614 June 2004false
Gurlchecker16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 February 201128 May 2006false
Gnome-calculator16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 201726 October 2014false
Geiriadur16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 March 200531 March 2005false
GT.M16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 May 20164 March 2009false
Garpd16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 December 201014 November 2006true
GdMap16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 June 200829 December 2005false
DuckDuckGo on TOR16 March 2017David Hedlundfalse
Gabedit16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 February 20141 October 2004false
Gcount16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 May 200719 June 2003false
Generic NQS16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 August 200531 January 2001false
GTweakUI16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 December 200810 December 2008false
Gbiff216 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 August 20038 June 2001false
Gecko Multimedia System16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 20046 February 2006false
Ganttweb16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 September 200524 March 2006false
Gdkxft16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 January 200218 April 2002false
Galleryadd.pl16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 April 20073 May 2005false
Geo Weather16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 August 200427 August 2003false
GWaei16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 201326 October 2009false
Gcells16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 November 200821 February 2006false
Gemdropx16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 May 200213 January 2003false
GTKPBButtons16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 July 20075 October 2006false
Garnome16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 August 200618 November 2004false
Gd16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 January 201727 June 2003false
Gambit16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 July 20168 September 2003false
Gaby16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 April 200211 December 2000false
Gcover16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
Generictionary16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 May 200628 May 2006false
GUASI16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 April 20079 March 2007false
Gbonds16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 November 200828 March 2002false
Gecode16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 October 20168 January 2009false
GShow TV16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente4 September 200730 November 2005false
Gaphor16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 July 20139 May 2004false
Gdivelog16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 September 20055 January 2006false
Galleryforge16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 November 200820 November 2008false
GeoJSON16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 February 201721 August 2009false
Galculator16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 201515 November 2002false
Gcompressor16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 November 200217 April 2002false
Gems16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 December 200923 September 2004false
GTKWave16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 December 201621 September 2006false
Gastify16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 20096 November 2009false
GePhex16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 April 20073 June 2004false
GameQ16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 February 201011 April 2008false
Gaim-e16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 June 200322 July 2002false
Gcx16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 December 200419 November 2004false
Genetic Algorithm File Fitter16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 August 201528 March 2007false
GUJ Chat16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 October 200324 January 2003false
Gbuilder16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 200812 December 2008false
Gedafe16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 April 200424 January 2002false
GSpeakers16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 June 200420 December 2002false
Garlic16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 October 200429 July 2004false
Gdcalc16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 January 200717 June 2005false
Galleryscr.pl16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 June 200528 June 2005false
GeoTIFF Viewer16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 December 201212 January 2007false
Galeon16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 September 20086 December 2001false
Gconf16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 January 201311 July 2002false
Geomview16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 March 201410 July 2001false
GTKpas16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 200224 April 2002false
Gauche16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 October 20164 August 2004false
GeSHi16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 August 201211 February 2009false
Gammu16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 January 201715 May 2006false
Galaxium Messenger16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 September 200628 December 2006false
Gdome216 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 October 200325 April 2002false
Gengen16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 September 20107 September 2010true
GURLChecker 216 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 February 201110 October 2003false
Gcalctool16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 October 20051 April 2003false
Geek Credit16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 April 200420 April 2004false
GStreamer-Editor16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 November 20048 November 2004false
Garnet16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 March 20153 June 2002false
Gdado16 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 20072 April 2007false
Searx.me 0.9.x16 March 2017David Hedlundfalse
Feh15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 201729 October 2002false
GFast File15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 November 200620 June 2006false
Xhippo15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 August 20071 February 2001true
Extrema15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 201022 October 2009false
GEGL15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 20178 January 2007false
GNOME Schedule15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 May 201613 December 2006false
GPass15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 June 200411 May 2004false
GSKey15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 July 200212 July 2002false
GAUL15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 October 20067 June 2002false
GMM15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 April 200727 January 2004false
GPHPEdit15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 May 201113 February 2004false
G-Wrap15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 July 201530 June 2004false
GIMP Dynamic Text15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 February 20018 February 2001false
F2c15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 20136 September 2006false
GFLame15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 April 20073 July 2007false
GNU Gatekeeper15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 January 201729 December 2005false
Experimental Robotics Framework15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 March 200811 April 2008false
GDIS15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 February 201424 January 2005false
GNOME BluePhone15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente17 December 200817 December 2008false
GPRename15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 201623 March 2004false
GROMACS15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 September 201612 April 2004false
G4u15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 May 20128 December 2004false
GL-11715 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 March 200519 March 2003false
GNumExp15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 October 200619 October 2004false
Ffproxy15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 January 200525 July 2002false
GForge15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 201624 July 2003false
Exuberant Ctags15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 July 200919 July 2002false
GENDIST15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 September 200321 June 2002false
GNOME Sensors Applet15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 November 20115 November 2009false
GSOAP15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 March 201712 September 2006false
GCfilms15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 July 200627 July 2006false
GMT15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 February 201726 April 2011false
GPL Arcade Volleyball 215 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 April 20044 February 2003false
GPixPod15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 October 200621 February 2006false
GCstar15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 March 201617 June 2008false
GJrand15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 November 201431 August 2009false
FUDforum15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 June 201626 June 2003false
GElemental15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 September 200711 December 2006false
GNU Pascal15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 March 200626 January 2001true
Exrtools15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 December 200315 July 2004false
GDSL15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 February 20155 October 2004false
GNOME Debian Package Manager15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 April 20033 February 2006false
GPSBabel15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 January 20172 June 2004false
GROUP-E15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 February 201427 July 2007false
GAA Argument Analyzer15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 July 200421 March 2002false
GLE15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200324 March 2005false
GOffice15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 August 20169 November 2005false
Fftv15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 January 20063 December 2003false
GGZ Gaming Zone15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 January 200720 March 2006false
Eye of Gnome15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 March 20177 February 2004false
GENIA Tagger15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 February 20162 April 2009false
GNOME Slackware Package Manager15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 200918 March 2009false
GDAL15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 January 201724 June 2004false
GMobileMedia15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 April 200721 November 2006false
GPL Arcade Volleyball15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 May 200625 May 2006false
GPodder15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 December 20165 January 2006false
G-page15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 July 20033 May 2001false
GNADE15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 January 200515 July 2004false
FXRuby15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 20179 February 2005false
GFTP15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 November 20084 January 2002false
GNU Waveform Viewer15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 January 20176 January 2006false
Ext2hide15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 May 200621 March 2006false
GDesklets15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 January 201115 August 2005false
GNOME CPUFreq Applet15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 July 201111 May 2004false
GPSMan15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 October 201314 June 2007false
GRX15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 July 201029 October 2002false
GAG15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 August 20085 March 2001false
GLST15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 April 200812 January 2005false
GOOPS15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 March 200131 January 2001true
G-Cows15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 September 201331 May 2002false
GGet15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 December 20082 November 2009false
EzGallery15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 December 200423 August 2004false
GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ)15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 November 200819 June 2009false
Gnome-sudoku15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 March 201714 March 2016false
GDB-Machine Interface library15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 July 20168 January 2009false
GMonsters-Client15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 November 200120 March 2008false
GPLIGC15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 March 20163 April 2003false
GPuTTY15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 November 200619 March 2004false
G3DViewer15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 November 200615 December 2005false
GMouseTool15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 August 20085 November 2009false
FeedCreator15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 October 20043 July 2003false
GFXIndex15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 October 201523 July 2004false
Trueprint15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 March 201315 February 2017true
Extended Operating System Loader15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 December 20001 February 2001false
GEDA-gaf15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 April 201613 September 2010false
GNOME Mastermind15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 April 200821 October 2009false
GPStk15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 October 201418 August 2004false
GRandomWallpaper15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 April 200928 April 2009false
GAMGI15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 April 20141 August 2006false
GLTT15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 November 20016 August 2002false
GPG-Crypter15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 November 201228 December 2006false
G-Kermit15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente25 December 199931 January 2001false
GIFT15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 March 200525 June 2001true
Ezstream15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 January 201518 July 2007false
GENtle15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 June 200628 April 2005false
GNOME War Pad15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 July 20057 February 2004false
GDC15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 March 200923 March 2009false
GNOME Water Temperature Applet15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 September 200910 December 2008false
GPP15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 December 201612 July 2004false
GQradio15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 February 20056 March 2006false
G3data15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 January 201131 January 2001false
GKrellM15 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 October 201621 September 2006false
Elmo14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 January 200417 September 2003false
Ethereal Realms 214 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 March 20043 December 2002false
Editline14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 September 201616 August 2006false
Ejabberd14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 February 20173 August 2005false
Eremove14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente28 September 200331 October 2001false
Easy Tag and Rename14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 20086 November 2008false
Enstaller14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 January 201711 August 2009false
Exifprobe14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 July 200514 August 2003false
Emdros14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 March 20174 June 2002false
Eva14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente21 February 200626 July 2005false
Efax14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 March 199931 January 2001false
Elfelli Flux Line Simulator14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 June 201012 December 2006false
Estraier14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 August 201021 January 2003false
Eboxy14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente20 May 200423 January 2006false
Epto14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente19 October 200427 May 2004false
EncFS14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 September 201620 April 2007false
Evilvte14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 July 201226 March 2008false
Earth3D14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 August 200620 August 2004false
Elog14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 September 201629 August 2001false
Eukleides14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 20108 July 2002false
Eddi14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 April 200331 May 2002false
Elca14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 20038 July 2002false
Eric14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 March 20178 August 2007false
EasyBookmarks14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 February 201426 April 2005false
EnthoughtBase14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 December 201112 August 2009false
Exiftags14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 December 20076 November 2002false
Emilda14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 June 200529 June 2005false
Eventum14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 January 20172 March 2005false
EmPy14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 February 201710 June 2003false
Etherape14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 February 201715 April 2002false
Eboard14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 February 20082 May 2002false
Efax-GTK14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 April 20142 December 2002false
Eqe14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 September 20083 June 2004false
EnergyMech14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 July 200910 May 2006false
Evolution RSS Reader Plugin14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 April 20157 June 2007false
Easy Backup14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 March 20106 November 2008false
Eltclsh14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 December 20124 December 2003false
Euler14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 20058 April 2002false
Echoping14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 April 200716 March 2001false
Electowidget14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 October 200515 May 2006false
Escrambler14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 200417 July 2002false
EasyChains14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 January 20049 February 2001false
Ephemeris14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente22 May 200424 May 2004false
Exim14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 March 201723 January 2001false
Empire14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 201514 January 2002false
EverCrack14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 October 200626 July 2005false
Elib14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 December 199531 January 2001true
Etherboot14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 September 200826 April 2001false
Eazel Extensions Library14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 March 20091 April 2003false
EffecTV14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 February 200631 October 2003false
Eqonomize!14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 October 20169 August 2006false
Easy Firewall Generator14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 May 200512 May 2005false
Engauge14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente11 December 201628 October 2004false
ExactImage14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 November 201625 July 2006false
Email-Reminder14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 October 201411 January 2008false
Euphoria14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 February 201413 January 2009false
Echolot-pinger14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente23 October 20143 March 2003false
Element Tree14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 February 200927 February 2009false
EsounD14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 November 200831 January 2001false
Exmh14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 January 200527 November 2002false
Easymacs14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 20071 July 2005false
Eonums14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 April 20093 April 2009false
Enano14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 January 201313 May 2008false
Evergreen14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 February 201727 December 2006false
Eagle Mode14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 January 201718 June 2008false
Elmer14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente15 March 201620 September 2005false
Ethereal Realms14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente26 June 200718 August 2006false
Editra14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 May 201320 March 2008false
Eggdrop14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 March 201717 November 2000false
Equalizer14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 201611 April 2008false
Easy Framework14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente6 November 20086 November 2008false
EnlargeIt!14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 January 200927 January 2009false
Exaile14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente27 April 201518 August 2006false
Email2fax14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente5 February 200610 November 2005false
Euterpe14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 December 20012 April 2002false
Ecasound14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 January 20148 April 2009false
Eletor WWW14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente18 March 199914 August 2009false
Essays14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente2 November 201315 October 2004false
LMMS14 March 2017Liushuyu6 January 201718 January 2013false
Easyval14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 December 20048 December 2004false
Entity14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 March 200125 April 2002false
Enblend14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente29 March 201627 April 2004false
Evil Greg Vs. Eight Year Olds14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente30 July 20072 August 2007false
Earm2ipa14 March 2017Alejandroindependiente10 March 200618 September 2006false
Doclifter13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 March 201617 February 2004false
Dvbcut13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente13 April 200712 December 2005false
DigiKam13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente8 January 201711 November 2009false
ENdonesia13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente12 December 201125 September 2006false
DrQueue13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente24 May 201019 December 2003false
Dia2code13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente7 January 201723 January 2001false
EMpy13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 January 201711 August 2009false
Dlume13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente9 February 20049 February 2004false
Druid13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente1 June 201227 June 2001false
Deliantra Maps13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente31 May 201030 January 2009false
ECB13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente16 May 200915 July 2005false
Ditz13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente14 November 200814 November 2008false
Dosage13 March 2017Alejandroindependiente3 July 201424 May 2005false
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