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My name is Andrew Engelbrecht and I am an administrator and bureaucrat of the Free Software Directory.

I joined the Free Software Foundation in 2016 as Web Developer. Read more on the FSF Staff and Board page.

In the past, I worked as an intern on bringing a featured programs list to the directory, along with other features. If you'd like to get involved, just let me know.  ;-)

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If you'd like to learn about SMW, take a look at FSD:Hack.

table of possible properties

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query for latest program reviews

 Last review dateLast review by
Ncurses16 February 2020Genium
Libmicrohttpd12 February 2020Genium
Link Grammar8 February 2020Ampli
Screen5 February 2020Genium
Gnome-todo1 February 2020Genium
Gnome-latex1 February 2020Genium
Tasque1 February 2020Genium
Automated-tasks19 January 2020Frnmst
PeerTube17 January 2020Donaldr3
Gsasl16 January 2020Genium
Help2man16 January 2020Genium
Global14 January 2020Genium
Flex14 January 2020Dora
Grep14 January 2020Genium
Md-toc12 January 2020Frnmst
... further results
White dune16 February 2020 17:12:38Mufti11
Ncurses16 February 2020 14:27:15Genium
Xterm16 February 2020 13:50:08Genium
Sqlnotex14 February 2020 14:48:53Maxnd
Electron14 February 2020 14:19:08David Hedlund
WackoWiki14 February 2020 13:19:12EoNy
Zrythm14 February 2020 12:59:02Alextee
QDirStat14 February 2020 08:02:58Shundhammer
Anonymine12 February 2020 16:48:46Oskog97
Libmicrohttpd12 February 2020 11:28:19Genium
The Home2Ls10 February 2020 09:21:46Gkiefer
DMBCS Market Data API9 February 2020 17:56:02Dale m
Cave9 February 2020 08:10:05Fsf-mensch
Link Grammar8 February 2020 12:10:57Ampli
Gnuzilla8 February 2020 06:23:56David Hedlund
... further results

new licensing query test


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14 December 2011

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14 December 2011

names and homepage urls

 NameHomepage URL
0 A.D.0 A.D.
2532 Gigs2532 Pipe.pngGigs
... further results

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