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 NameHomepage URLIs High Priority ProjectIs GNUDecommissioned/ObsoleteReplaced by
3dldfGNU 3DLDF gnu.small.png;20px
8syncGNU 8sync gnu.small.png;20px
A2psGNU a2ps gnu.small.png;20px
AcctGNU acct gnu.small.png;20px
AcmGNU ACM gnu.small.png;20px
AdnsGNU adns gnu.small.png;20px
AliveGNU Alive gnu.small.png;20px
AnastasisGNU Anastasis 
File:Heckert gnu.small.png;20px
AnubisGNU Anubis gnu.small.png;20px
AplGNU APL gnu.small.png;20px
ArchimedesGNU Archimedes gnu.small.png;20px
ArisGNU Aris gnu.small.png;20px
ArtanisGNU Artanis gnu.small.png;20px
AspellAspell gnu.small.png;20px
Autoconf-archiveGNU Autoconf Archive gnu.small.png;20px
AutogenGNU AutoGen gnu.small.png;20px
AutomakeGNU Automake gnu.small.png;20px
AvlGNU libavl gnu.small.png;20px
BallandpaddleBall and Paddle gnu.small.png;20px
BarcodeGNU Barcode gnu.small.png;20px
BashGNU Bash gnu.small.png;20px
BayonneBayonne gnu.small.png;20px
BazaarGNU Bazaar gnu.small.png;20px
BcBc gnu.small.png;20px
BehistunGNU Behistun gnu.small.png;20px
BisonGNU Bison gnu.small.png;20px
BoolGNU Bool gnu.small.png;20px
Bpel2owfnBPEL2oWFN gnu.small.png;20px
C-graphGNU C-Graph gnu.small.png;20px
CcaudioGNU ccAudio2 gnu.small.png;20px
Ccd2cueGNU ccd2cue gnu.small.png;20px
CcideGNU Ccide gnu.small.png;20px
CcrtpGNU ccRTP gnu.small.png;20px
CcscriptGNU ccScript gnu.small.png;20px
CflowGNU cflow gnu.small.png;20px
CgiccGNU cgicc gnu.small.png;20px
ChessGNU Chess gnu.small.png;20px
CimGNU Cim gnu.small.png;20px
ClasspathGNU Classpath gnu.small.png;20px
ClasspathxGNU Classpath Extensions gnu.small.png;20px
Clispclisp gnu.small.png;20px
File:Heckert gnu.small.png;20px
Combinecombine gnu.small.png;20px
CommoncppGNU [u]Common C++ gnu.small.png;20px
ComplexityGNU Complexity gnu.small.png;20px
Configconfig gnu.small.png;20px
ConsensusGNU consensus gnu.small.png;20px
CoreutilsGNU Core Utilities gnu.small.png;20px
CpioGNU cpio gnu.small.png;20px
CppiCPPI gnu.small.png;20px
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