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Debian import

There were 1417 imported from the Main area of Debian GNU/Linux on 2013-03-20.

 Short descriptionHomepage URL
0 A.D.Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
389-admin-console389 admin server management console
389-adminutilUtility library for 389ds administration
389-console389 Management Console
389-ds-console389 Directory Server Management Console
389-dsgw389 Directory Server Gateway
4digitsguess-the-number game, aka Bulls and Cows
4storeRDF database storage and query engine -- database daemon
6tunnelTCP proxy for non-IPv6 applications
7kaaSeven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries: real-time strategy game
7kaa-dataSeven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries - game data
9menuCreates X menus from the shell
A package for handling Kolab data stored on an IMAP serverA package for handling Kolab data stored on an IMAP server
AAFAQExhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice
ABI compliance checkertool to compare ABI compatibility of shared C/C++ library versions compliance checker
ALSAALSA driver configuration files
ALURE - AL Utilities REtooledAL Utilities REtooled (documentation)
AMB-Pluginsambisonics LADPSA plugins
AMPSharpAsynchronous Messaging Protocol library for the CLI.
AOP Alliancelibrary for interoperability for Java AOP implementations
APELportable library for emacsen
APQAda95 Database Library
APQ PostgreSQLPostgreSQL impementation for the APQ database bindings
APSchedulerIn-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
ARandRSimple visual front end for XRandR
ASEPRITEsprite and pixel art editor
ASN.1 CompilerASN.1 compiler for C
ASTHandle World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy (main shared lib)
AT1JACK autotuner
AZR3drawbar organ simulator
AbGateLV2 noise gate plugin
Abbrev-jsLike ruby abbrev module, but for Node.js
Abiwordefficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
AbracaSimple and powerful graphical client for XMMS2
AccountsServicequery and manipulate user account information
Ace-of-penguinspenguin-themed solitaire games
Acedbretrieval of DNA or protein sequences
Acegi SecurityAcegi Security System for Spring
AcetoneISOfeature-rich application to mount and manage CD and DVD images
Acid-stateHaskell database library with ACID guarantees - GHC libraries
Ackgrep-like program specifically for large source trees
Acme-BleachPerl module for really clean programs
Acme-DamnPerl module to unbless objects
Acme-EyeDropsfunny way for visual programming in Perl
Acme-POE-KneeTime sliced pony race using the POE event loop
AcsccidPC/SC driver for ACS USB CCID smart card readers
Actdiaggenerate activity-diagram image file from spec-text file
ActiViz.NETActiViz.NET documentation
ActiveMQ ActiveIOActiveMQ ActiveIO protocol implementation framework
ActiveMQ Protocol Buffers PluginActiveMQ Protocol Buffers Maven plugin
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