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collection of scripts for irssi

This is a collection of scripts for the irssi IRC-client.

Some individual scripts need other packages in order to work properly. Please see the list of Suggests as well as the contained README.Debian for additional information.

Almost all scripts can also be downloaded from

A list of included scripts

8-ball -- the 8-ball game accent -- this script strips the hungarian accents active_notice -- shows notices into the active channel active_notify -- notify messages into the active window or broadcast act -- reset window activity status. defines command /act aidle -- antyidler with random time ai -- puts people on ignore if they do a public away. akftp -- full configurable FTP advertiser for Irssi akilluser -- akill a specified nick alame -- converts towards lame speech anotherway -- another auto away script antiplenk -- notices users who plenk apm -- shows your battery status in your Statusbar armeija -- ignores people bringin up boring/repeated subjects ascii -- ascii-art bassed on figlet. auto_away -- sets an away message automatically when you're idle autoaway -- automatically goes away after defined inactivity autochannel -- auto add channels to channel list on join autocycle -- auto regain ops in empty opless channels autolimit -- does an autolimit for a channel autoopper -- auto-op script with dynamic address support and random delay autorealname -- print realname of everyone who join to channels autorejoinpunish -- kickbans or knockouts people who use autorejoin on kick autoreminder -- this script Reminds people to do stuff! :) autoversion -- auto-CTCP Version on every joining nick autovoice -- autovoice auto_whois -- /WHOIS all the users who send you a private message. autowhois -- /WHOIS all the users who send you a private message. autowrap -- automatically wraps long sent messages away2web -- write /away information to a file to be used on web pages awaybar -- provides a menubar item with away message away_hilight_notice -- notice your away message awaylogcnt -- displays in statusbar number of messages in awaylog away -- away with reason, unaway, and autoaway awayproxy -- sets nick away when client discconects from the irssi-proxy away_verbose -- displays a verbose away/back message in the channels badword -- configurable badword kickbanning script bandwidth -- shows bandwidth usage in statusbar ban -- bans several nicks/masks on channel bantime -- print time when ban was set in a nicer way beepaway -- only beep when you are away beep_beep -- runs arbitrary command instead of system beep beep -- replaces your terminal bell by a command specified via /set bestoiber -- stoibers your messages bgta -- bytes Gallery of the TAilor Script binary -- converts what you type into 2-base string representation. bitlbee_blist -- bitlbee buddy list bitlbee_join_notice -- bitlbee join notice bitlbee_nick_change -- shows an IM nickchange in an Irssi way bitlbee_tab_completion -- intelligent Tab-completion for BitlBee commands bitlbee_typing_notice -- typing notification for Bitlbee blowjob -- crypt IRC communication with blowfish encryption bmi -- a simple body mass index calculator for depression calc -- simple /calc mechanism callerid -- reformats CallerID Messages on Hybrid & Ratbox to be Easier cap_sasl -- PLAIN SASL authentication mechanism centericq -- indicates how many new messages you have in your centericq cgrep -- lists users on the channel matching the specified regexp challenge -- run a challenge response oper thingie chanact -- adds new powerful and customizable [Act: ...] item chanfull_duden -- notify if Channellimit is reached chanfull -- notifies the user when some channel limit is reached chanpeak -- log maximum number of people ever been in a channel chansearch -- searches for specific channels chanshare -- display people who are in more than one channel with you chansort -- sort all channel and query windows chansync -- /who a channel and optionaly executes a command chops -- simulates BitchXs /CHOPS and /NOPS commands. cleanpublic -- removes colors and other formatting from public channels clipboard -- better quoting of content from clipboard cloneprot -- parses OperServ notices clones -- display clones in the active channel colorkick -- kicking users for using colors or blinks colorswap -- swap between green and white format for public messages. connectcmd -- run arbitrary shell commands while [dis]connecting to a server countdown -- adds public channel command for counting down something country -- print the country name in /WHOIS replies cp1250_kick -- Kicks people using cp1250 charset crapbuster -- removes CRAP or CLIENTCRAP messages from your buffer cron -- allows one to execute commands at given interval/time cwho -- cached WHO dancer_forwardfix -- fix problem with channel forwarding on the Dancer ircd dancer_hide_477 -- this script hides the 477 numerics from the dancer IRCd dau -- write like an idiot dcc_ip -- this script sets dcc_own_ip when starting a DCC send or chat dccmove -- Move completed dcc gets to the subfolder done dccself -- starts a dcc chat with yourself on that host/port. dccstat -- Shows verbose or short information of dcc send/gets on statusbar defaultchanmode -- allows your client to automatically set desired chanmode df -- adds an item which displays the current disk usage. dice -- a dice Simulator for Roleplaying in Channels or just for fun. dictcomplete -- caching dictionary based tab completion dispatch -- this scripts sends unknown commands to the server doc -- manage tips url help in a doc file in the keyword=definition form doublefilter -- filters msgs which appear the same on different channels eliza -- answers to /msgs using Chatbot::Eliza when youre away emaildb1.0 -- a script for accessing an email MySQL database through irc eng_no_translate_dpryo -- english->norwegian translation events -- expand event mode and emit event mode {channel,user,server} exec_clean -- execute process whose parent window has been closed fakectcp -- sends fake ctcp replies to a client using a fake ctcp list figlet -- safe figlet implementation file -- a command to output content of files in various ways findbot -- public command @find script find -- finds a nick by real name, if hes on a channel with you fleech -- fserve leecher - helps you download files from file servers follow -- automatically switch to active windows foo -- rot n+i encryption and decryption foreach_user -- extends the /foreach command to have /foreach user fortune -- send a random fortune cookie to an user in channel forward -- forward incoming messages to another nick freenode_filter -- this script will filter some Freenode IRCD servernotices friends_peder -- basicly an autoop script with a nice interface friends_shasta -- maintains list of people you know fserve -- file server for irssi fuckem -- simulates the BitchX /FUCKEM command getop -- automatically request op from random opped person gimmie -- a bot script google -- This script queries and returns the results go -- activates a window given a name/partial name gpgvalidator -- have gpg-based trusting features in your irssi client grep -- GREP command guts -- adds the uppercased version of the tab completes hddtemp -- adds a statusbar item which shows temperatures of harddisks hello -- this script allows you to greet the channel youre living hideauth -- stops eggdrop passwords showing up hide -- a little interface to irssis activity_hide_* settings highlite -- shows events happening in all channels hignore -- if you use this command in a query it will ignore the host hilightwin -- print hilighted messages to window named hilight history_search -- search within your typed history as you type hlbot -- floods the channel about things that are hapening in your server hl -- responds to !hl counterstrike.server hostname -- list all IP addresses on all interfaces found on your machine identify-md5 -- MD5 NickServ identification script for SorceryNet idlesince -- adds 'idle since' line to whois replies. idletime -- retrieves the idletime of any nick idonkey -- equips Irssi with an interface to mldonkey ignore_log -- script to log ignored messages ignoreoc -- ignore messages from people not on your channels il -- adds a statusbar item which show length of the inputline imdb -- automatically lookup IMDB-numbers in nicknames iMPD -- this controls Music Player Daemon from the familiar irssi interface invitejoin -- this script will join a channel if somebody invites you to it ipupdate -- auto /set dcc_own_ip IP on connect. irccomplete -- adds words from IRC to your tab-completion list ircgallery -- show IRC gallery information on /WHOIS or /GALLERY ircgmessagenotify -- review IRC and says when you have messages ircops -- display IrcOps in current channel ircsec -- secures your conversation irssiBlaster -- display the song played by mp3blaster isdn -- displays incoming ISDN calls itime -- internet Time statusbar item ixmmsa -- announces which _file_ is currently playing. joininfo -- reports WHOIS information and channel list kblamehost -- kicks (and bans) people with >= 4 dots in theirs hostname keepnick -- try to get your nick back when it becomes available. kenny -- autodekennyfies /kenny, adds /kenny, /dekenny kernel -- fetches the version(s) of the latest Linux kernel(s). kicks -- enhances /k /kb and /kn with some nice options. kill_fake_gets -- checks if there are old identical sends and closes them kline_warning -- shows a warning in the statuswindow l33tmusic -- show playing xmms song in channel or in a statusbar lastspoke -- remembers what people said last on what channels len -- if you try to get a nick with 11 characters but only 9 are allowed leodict -- translates via licq -- licq statusbar thingy linkchan -- link several channels on several networks listen -- display what mp3 you are playing in which software loadavg -- display a loadavg statusbar item using vm.loadavg localize -- localizes users using traceroute log2ansi -- convert mirc color and irssi interal formatting to ansi colors logcompress -- compress logfiles then theyre rotated logresume -- print last n lines of logs when opening queries/channels ls -- show all nicks matching regex in the current channel mailcheck_imap -- staturbar item which indicates how many new emails mailcheck_mbox_flux -- polls your unix mailbox for new mail mailcheck_pop3_kimmo -- POP3 new mail notification mangle -- translates your messages into Morse code, rot13 and other map -- generates simple tree of IRC network based on the output of the LINKS mass_hilight_blocker -- disables hilighting for messages of some nicks miodek -- simple wordkick system mkick -- mass kick mkshorterlink -- automatically shortens links mldonkey_bandwidth -- shows your mldonkeys current down- and upload rate modelist -- cache of invites and ban exceptions in channel modelist-r -- cache of invites, ban exceptions and reops in channel mood -- keeps track of the channel mood morse -- turns your messages into morse or spelling code mouse -- control irssi using mouse clicks and gestures mpg123 -- display current mpg123 track multipaste -- helps pasting multiple lines to a channel my_beep -- runs arbitrary command instead of system beep mygoogle -- query Google myimdb -- query imdb mysqlurllogger -- logs urls to MySQL database nact -- adds an item which displays the current network activity newsline -- brings various newstickers to Irssi news -- news reader nickban -- a simple nick banner. If it encounters a nick it bans its host nickcolor -- assign a different color for each nick nickident -- identify to nickserv nickignore -- ignores nick changes when only the case or special characters nicklist -- draws a nicklist to another terminal nickmix-c0ffee -- the number of chars you want to keep from your orig nick nickmix_pasky -- perturbates given nick (or just a word) in certain way nickserv -- this script will authorize you into NickServ niq -- bitchX like Nickcompletion at line start plus statusbar nm -- right aligned nicks depending on longest nick nocaps -- replaces lines in ALL CAPS with something easier on the eyes nocollide -- automatically changes nick when certain amount of colissions noisyquery -- prints an info about a newly started Query nopl -- replaces polish national characters with their corresponding letters norepeat -- stops public repeating noteserve -- utilizes NoteServ to implement a buddylist noticemove -- prints private notices from people in the channel notonline -- answers $nick: No. if youre away and someone asks are you online ogg123 -- display current ogg123 track oidenty -- oidentd support for irssi on -- tries to fit into Irssis usage style more than emulating ircII. ontv -- turns irssi into a tv program guide oops -- turns ls in the beginning of a sent line into the names openurl -- stores URLs in a list and launches mail, web or ftp software operit -- perform certain action on request authenticated by the IRC operator operview -- reformats some server notices opnotice -- send a notice to the ops in a channel opnotify -- hilights window refnumber in statusbar osd -- an OnScreenDisplay it shows who is talking to you, on what IRC Network page-c0ffee -- ignore pages page_reeler -- display and send CTCP PAGE pager -- notifies people if they send you a private message or a DCC chat paste_derwan -- pasting lines to specified targets paste_huggie -- paste reformats pieces of text typically pasted paste_kimmoke -- start and stop recording and then replay without linebreaks pelix -- this script allows you flood shit. people -- userlist with autoopping, autokicking etc. pggb_sound -- does CTCP SOUNDs and other similar things. phpdoc -- display all functions of the famous language poison -- equips Irssi with an interface to giFT postpone -- postpones messages sent to a split user ppl -- port of asmodeans /ppl command from skuld3 query -- give you more control over when to jump to query windows queryresume -- restores the last lines of a query on re-creation quiet -- adds support for +q (quiet user) channel modes to irssi quitrand -- random quit messages - based on quitmsg quizgr -- turns irssi into a quiz bot. Has greek language quizmaster -- a trivia script for Irssi quiz -- turns irssi into a quiz bot q_username -- prints the Q username in right format rainbow -- prints colored text. Rather simple than sophisticated randaway -- random away-messages randname -- random /set real_name taken from a file relm -- keeps last 15 messages in cache remote -- lets you run commands remotely via /msg and a password repeat -- hide duplicate lines resize_split -- resizes a split window when it is made active rk -- kicks random nick from ops lusers


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Date 2015-07-17
Source Debian
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