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Status Report 14 April, 2011

  • Staging server: We have created a staging server called; if you want access, simply log-in with your FSF account and then email me (jgay) and I will give you administrative access.
  • Data migration: To the best of our knowledge, anyhow. We believe we have successfully moved all of the data from the existing over to the wiki.
  • Forms/Templates: Are not yet complete, but we are rapidly approaching completion. When this is complete, testing and review will need to be done before we can launch. Further notes on workflow below; although detailed documentation on how this wiki is organized (Properties, Templates, Forms, et al) is not yet completed.
  • Backlog of work: There is a backlog of work (updates and new submissions). We will likely create an RT queue to deal with such work. Eventually we may be able to move task-management over to the wiki itself, but, currently such requests are in RT.


Our basic workflow is that users with administrative credentials will be able to edit and post entires to the directory. Such entries can be made visible to internal search and querying of the wiki as well as crawled by search engines. The entires can be added or edited using a form, Form:Entry (creation of detailed documentation for how forms, templates, etc. are organized should be coming soon).

Users without administrative credentials will not be able to edit pages/entries within the Main namespace. However, they will be able to contribute new submissions to the Review namespace. Pages in this namespace will not appear in search results or queries on the site, nor will they be crawled by search engines. Users will be able to submit new entries using the form, Form:Entry.

When Entries have been approved, administrators can move them from the Review namespace over to the Main namespace for official publication on the Free Software Directory.

Proposal: Remove Freedom-0 violating projects or flag them

Proposing to remove or flag projects following as they are by design violating freedom-0 (The freedom to run the program for any purpose) quotting:

If you like to tinker with your own system, that’s fine with us. However, if you change things like stylesheets and icons, you should be aware that you’re in unsupported territory. Any issues you encounter should be reported to the theme developer, not the app developer.

This freedom should be following during the development of the software as well. -- Kreyren (talk) 14:57, 4 December 2020 (EST)

Spam and 404s

How are we supposed to report spam and to deal with dead pages, is there some policy? Mviinama (talk) 10:03, 12 June 2014 (EDT)

Suggestion: page for each KOffice component (or Calligra)

KSpread and Calligra Sheets don't show up when one searches for "spreadsheet" or looks in Category/Business/spreadsheet.

After LibreOffice, this is probably the most powerful spreadsheet software we have, so it's worth adding.

The Calligra software seems to be totally missing. Calligra is a fork of KOffice and has, AFAICT, replaced KOffice.

I haven't looked at how the directory usually handles this, but I'm guessing the best fix for the search problem is to make separate entries for each component of KOffice (and other "suites"). Each component is a big program and there's useful things to say about each.

A less useful alternative would be to add KOffice to each of the categories such as Category/Business/spreadsheet... This would be less useful, but it's easy to do, so it could be a good temporary measure.

Then, to fix the problem of Calligra being absent, I'd think about renaming the KOffice page(s) to Calligra. At a glance, it seems that Calligra has been accepted as the replacement to KOffice, so KOffice is only of historical interest. Even's office page promotes the Calligra programs (Words, Sheets, Stage...) instead of the KOffice ones: [1] A note at the top of the Calligra pages would suffice: ("Formerly KSheets, part of KOffice").

Sorry I can't roll up my sleeves and do this myself. I'm not familiar with the policies and information-organisation here. Ciaran (talk) 06:17, 7 July 2014 (EDT)

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