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Internet Relay Chat (Instant Messaging)
I'm often available as kindling on (channel: #fsf) and on (channel: #fsd) during weekly Free Software Directory meetings.
If I am not there it means I am busy or I have migraine, so please leave a message using MemoServ.

Both IRC channels offer the same services and respect the rules imposed by the FSF staff, but different IRC networks have different policies and technologies:

freenode IRC network
FSD channel: #fsf
Sponsored global network.
You should be a catalyst user.
HackInt IRC network
FSD channel: #fsd
High-security EU network.
Designed to be Tor/DN42/Jabber/XMPP friendly.

ApacheAlertRed.png If you are banned by an IRC system operator from one of the two networks, you still have the option to use the other network; the same will not be possible if you are banned by a channel operator of the channels listed above.
Before trying to join the channels, please register and validate an account by contacting NickServ (send the help command in a query).

Our IRC etiquette

During weekly meetings it might happen that one or more users go off-topic. This is fine as long as the performance of the ongoing tasks to assist the Directory are not hindered. However I must underline that some topics may cause discomfort to your fellow users:

  • Religion → ##religion;
  • Politics → ##politics;
  • Sexuality and physicality;
  • Aliens and secret government plots;
  • Pseudo-science and weird uncanny stuff;
  • Vaccines and drugs;
  • Sponsoring closed-source software project. please use the dedicated thematic channels (##XXXX) if you need to talk extensively about those. Discussions about Stallman should be held with respect in ##RMS, as doing so in the official channels makes them unproductive.
I recommend avoid sending emojis and series of quick, consecutive messages, as some clients implement filters on reception (your interlocutors may not see exactly what you see).

Anybody can join and part anytime, at will. You can stay in both networks and in both channels (even at the same time) for as long as you want and constructive participation is always appreciated.

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