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GNU shell utilities
Command line utilities.

The shell utility programs are:

  • basename- removes the path prefix from a given pathname
  • chroot- changes the root directory
  • date- prints the system date and time
  • dirname- removes the last level or filename from a pathname
  • echo- prints a line of text
  • env- displays/modifies the environment
  • expr- evaluates expressions
  • factor- prints prime factor
  • false- returns an unsuccessful exit status
  • groups- prints the groups the user belongs to
  • hostname- prints or sets the machine name
  • id- print real/effective/ uid/gid
  • logname- prints current login name
  • nice- modifies scheduling priority
  • nohup- lets a command keep running after logging out
  • pathchk- checks file name portability
  • pinky- lightweight 'finger' program; prints user information
  • printenv- prints environment variables
  • printf- formats and prints data
  • pwd- prints the working (current) directory
  • seq- prints numeric sequences
  • sleep- suspends execution for a specified time
  • stty- prints/changes terminal settings
  • su- lets you adopt the ID of another user or superuser
  • tee- sends output to multiple files
  • test- evaluates an expression
  • true- returns a successful exit status
  • tty- prints terminal name
  • uname- prints system information
  • uptime- tells how long the system has been running
  • users- prints current user names
  • who- prints a list of all users currently logged in
  • whoami- prints effective user ID
  • yes- prints a string indefinitely

This program has been folded into GNU Core Utilities.



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