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These free games are occasionally offered on ROM cartridges by the developer, so they can be used on original home video consoles, but also downloaded for emulators.

ROMs are short for read-only memory. In the emulator/rom scene it is a catch-all for cartridge dumps, ISO disc backups, etc. They can be played on the hardware if you have means to flash a cartridge, bypass the verification, or use a "flash cart" which varies on the system. Homebrew, when applied to video games, refers to games produced by hobbyists for proprietary video game consoles which are not intended to be user-programmable.

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Atari 2600


Home consoles

Nintendo Entertainment System
Super NES
Nintendo 64
  • A note about N64 ROM images: currently any ROM that works on a real N64 depends on some nonfree Nintendo bootloader code, known as IPL3. This software was included on every N64 cartridge release. See and for more details. It may be the case that some N64 emulators do not actually read that part of the ROM, in which case modified ROM images that only work on emulators may be easier to get as fully free software.
Wii U


Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo Switch


Home consoles

Sega Dreamcast
Sega Genesis


Game Gear


Neo Geo CD


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Homebrew: "Making games on the PlayStation is possible with any model of the system through the use of a modchip or the double 'Swap Trick'. There is also a softmod/save game exploit called "tonyhax" Requirements consist of a PC, SDK, and a 'Comms Link' device to upload and download files to and from the console." -

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 4



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