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The Artificial Intelligence Team gathers free software resources regarding machine learning / artificial intelligence-related topics.

Group info User info
User Role Reference Real name nick Time zone Title
David_Hedlund Coordinator David Hedlund David_Hedlund Europe/Stockholm
GrahamxReed Collaborator Graham Reed Graham_Reed America/New_York
Mertgor Observer Mert Gör hwpplayer1 Europe/Istanbul
Mmcmahon Team captain Michael McMahon thomzane America/New_York FSF Systems Administrator




  • AI Act (2024)
    • Title I, Art. 2, 5g: The obligations laid down in this Regulation shall not apply to AI systems released under free and open source licences unless they are placed on the market or put into service as high-risk AI systems or an AI system that falls under Title II and IV.
        • Generally mentions behavior manipulation techniques, social scores, how to approach biometric data, predicting criminal offences based solely on personality, facial databases
        • Generally mentions disclosure obligations that a product is AI-generated




Text generation

Front ends

Project Credit License Description
Agnai agnaistic AGPLv3 AI agnostic (multi-user and multi-bot) chat with fictional characters
GPT4All Nomic AI MIT Run open-source LLMs anywhere
KoboldAI KoboldAI AGPLv3 A browser-based front-end for AI-assisted writing with multiple local & remote AI models
koboldcpp LostRuins AGPLv3 A simple one-file way to run various GGML and GGUF models with KoboldAI's UI
ollama ollama MIT Get up and running with large language models locally
Serge serge-chat MIT A web interface for chatting with Alpaca through llama.cpp. Fully dockerized, with an easy to use API
SillyTavern SillyTavern AGPLv3 LLM frontend for power users
Text Generation Web UI oobabooga AGPLv3 A Gradio web UI for Large Language Models. Supports transformers, GPTQ, AWQ, EXL2, llama.cpp (GGUF), LLaMA models


Project Credit License Description
llama.cpp ggerganov (Georgi Gerganov) MIT Port of Facebook's LLaMA model in C/C++
Mistral Mistral AI Apache 2.0 Mistral 7B significantly outperforms Llama 2 13B on all metrics, and is on par with Llama 34B
Mixtral Mistral AI Apache 2.0 Mixtral outperforms Llama 2 70B on most benchmarks with 6x faster inference

Honorary mention: LLaMA 1 had an AGPLv3 license.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) UI's

Project Credit License Description
Local RAG Jon Fairbanks (jonfairbanks) GPLv3 Ingest files for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) with open-source Large Language Models (LLMs), all without 3rd parties or sensitive data leaving your network.

Evaluating LLMs

Project Credit License Description
FastChat lm-sys Apache-2.0 An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language models
promptfoo promptfoo MIT Test your prompts, models, RAGs. Evaluate and compare LLM outputs, catch regressions, and improve prompt quality


Project Credit License Description
GPT-NeoX EleutherAI Apache 2.0 EleutherAI's library for training large-scale language models on GPUs
Open Assistant LAION-AI Apache 2.0 A chat-based assistant that understands tasks, can interact with third-party systems, and retrieve information dynamically to do so
Open Interpreter KillianLucas AGPLv3 Lets LLMs run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally

Code generation

This concept is controversial. See the FSF's other writing on this topic.


Image generation

Text to image GUI

Project Credit License Description
ComfyUI comfyanonymous GPLv3 Modular Stable Diffusion GUI, API, and backend with a graph/nodes interface
ControlNet for Stable Diffusion WebUI Mikubill (Kakigōri Maker) GPLv3 An AUTOMATIC1111 extension that adds ControlNet to the original Stable Diffusion model to generate images
Stable Diffusion WebUI AUTOMATIC1111 AGPLv3 Stable Diffusion web UI

Additional libraries

Project Credit License Description
ControlNet lllyasviel Apache-2.0 Adding conditional control to text-to-image diffusion models
Diffusers huggingface Apache-2.0 State-of-the-art diffusion models for image and audio generation in PyTorch
stable-diffusion.cpp leejet MIT Stable Diffusion in pure C/C++


Image generation techniques create pictures from noise estimations. This noise shows up as artifacts and hampers temporal stability for objects. These projects tackle that issue.

Project Credit License Description
AnimateDiff guoyww (Yuwei Guo) Apache 2.0 A plug-and-play module turning most community models into animation generators, without the need of additional training
FILM: Frame Interpolation for Large Motion Google Research Apache 2.0 A unified single-network approach to frame interpolation that doesn't use additional pre-trained networks
MagicAnimate MagIC Research BSD-3-Clause Temporally consistent human image animation using a diffusion model
MotionCtrl ARC Lab, Tencent PCG Apache 2.0 A unified and flexible motion controller for video generation
TemporalKit CiaraStrawberry (Ciara Rowles) GPLv3 An all in one solution for adding temporal stability to a Stable Diffusion render via an AUTOMATIC1111 extension
Text To Video Synthesis Colab camenduru The Unlicense A text-to-video synthesis model that evolves from a text-to-image synthesis model
Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model for Image Animation yoyo-nb MIT Animates a static object in a source image according to a driving video

Image recognition

Project Credit License Description
EfficientViT MIT Han Lab Apache 2.0 A new family of vision models for efficient high-resolution vision
LLaVA Haotian Liu Apache 2.0 Visual instruction tuning towards large language and vision models with GPT-4 level capabilities
MiniGPT-4 Vision-CAIR BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License & BSD 3-Clause License Open-sourced code for large language models as a unified interface for vision-language multi-task learning

3D modeling

Project Credit License Description
threestudio threestudio Apache 2.0 A unified framework for 3D content generation
TripoSR VAST-AI-Research MIT A fast feedforward 3D reconstruction from a single image. The model is MIT licensed too


Natural language processing (NLP)

Transcription (Speech to text (STT))

Project Credit License Description
whisper.cpp ggerganov (Georgi Gerganov) MIT Port of OpenAI's Whisper model in C/C++

Synthesis (text to speech (TTS))

Project Credit License Description
Bark Suno AI MIT Text-Prompted Generative Audio Model
Coqui TTS Coqui AI MPL 2.0 A deep learning toolkit for Text-to-Speech, battle-tested in research and production
TorToiSe neonbjb (James Betker) Apache 2.0 A multi-voice TTS system trained with an emphasis on quality
WhisperSpeech Collabora MIT Created using only properly licensed speech recordings so the model & code will be always safe to use for commercial applications

Transmogrify (speech to speech (STS))

Project Credit License Description
Retrieval-based-Voice-Conversion-WebUI RVC-Project MIT Voice data <= 10 mins can also be used to train a good VC model
SoftVC VITS Singing Voice Conversion Fork voicepaw Apache 2.0 & MIT so-vits-svc fork with realtime support, improved interface and more features


Audio Diffusion

Project Credit License Description
Audio Diffusion Harmonai MIT, MIT, MIT A Stability AI lab focused on open-source generative audio models

Music splitters

Project Credit License Description
Demucs (v3) Meta Research MIT Code for the paper Hybrid Spectrogram and Waveform Source Separation
Moseca fabiogra (Fabio Grasso) MIT A Streamilt web app for music source separation & karaoke
spleeter deezer MIT Deezer source separation library including pretrained models


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