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Hi Felipe, you seem determined to take care of the backlog. I'll leave you a couple of tips to prevent issues in future:

  • respect at least the preexisting specifications in order to preserve the existing user experience, so the changes won't result in a downgrade. In particular, at any time the referencing system must continue to work in order to not break the existing remote links and produce new anchors using the same algorithm;
  • clarify in the documentation when the Free Software Directory:Single-page JS tracker will be used, so your current/future peers won't erroneously think it was arbitrarily discarded/replaced;
  • rename the Single-page JS tracker to Single-page HTML5 tracker (or equivalent), as JS is implemented as an optional dependency and GNU uses JS as a pejorative attribute. Keeping the name, as much as the descriptions, as technical and neutral as possible is a wise idea;
  • keep all the documentation of each template inside its discussion page, because neither you or the others can remember everything forever. Be verbose, add examples. If everyone knows how everything works, then everyone will be able to replace you when you are unavailable for whatever reason;
  • you won't be able to avoid JS and HTML 5 forever. If you need to add some JS, add it. The only wariness is that you must ensure it is used only for optional/extended functionality or to enhance the existing user experience and of course don't include external scripts, keep all local as much as possible.

Bye, keep up with the good work. --LorenzoAncora (talk) 04:38, 28 July 2021 (EDT)

Edit by User9

  • it would be nice to have a field that records/lists the 'last updated date' for each particular property of a page. Mayb not all fields could use this, but for example, I'm taking on the taks of updating the 'Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations' field for the FSD. There are over 16k entries in the FSD. So, when I look at a project and I see that it says it DOES NOT accept crypto donations, I ask myself whether I should verify that, whether it may have changed since this entry was last updated. If it was last checked and/or updated 6 months ago, that's pertinent info and will help me determine whether I should verify it again, or skip to a project that hasn't been verified or checked for, say 2 years. When I go and check if a project accepts crypto, if I see that the FSF is correct in that they DO or DON'T accept it, then it would be nice to be able to just somehow update that 'last updated date' or whatever and say it's verified to be the same, or that I changed it on that date.

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