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|Related projects=gnustandards,Bash.Diff,Tcsh,Zsh,lsh,pdksh,vshnu,fish
|Related projects=gnustandards,Bash.Diff,Tcsh,Zsh,lsh,pdksh,vshnu,fish
|Keywords=shell,command line,bash,csh,ksh,sh
|Keywords=shell,command line,bash,csh,ksh,sh
|Version identifier=5.0-rc1
|Version identifier=5.0
|Version date=2019/01/07
|Version date=2019/01/07
|Version status=stable
|Version status=stable

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GNU Bash

Bourne-Again SHell.

Bash is the shell, or command-line interpreter, of the GNU system. It is compatible with the Bourne Shell, but it also integrates useful features from the Korn Shell and the C Shell and new improvements of its own. It allows command-line editing, unlimited command history, shell functions and aliases, and job control while still allowing most sh scripts to be run without modification.



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Free as in Freedom 2.0, by Richard Stallman

Introduction to the Command Line

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