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Heckert gnu.small.png GNU
GNU is a Unix-like operating system that is free software—it respects your freedom. You can install Linux-based versions of GNU which are entirely free software. The GNU System provides a collection of applications, libraries, and developer tools, plus a program to allocate resources and talk to the hardware, known as a kernel. For a complete list of GNU packages and more, visit
 DescriptionHomepageLicenseIs High Priority Project
8syncAsynchronous programming for Guile.
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
BehistunMapping internal geological and geophysical conditions.
ConfigGNU config.guess and config.sub scripts. with exceptionfalse
ConsensusFacilitate coordination of free software social networking projects.
Djgpp32-bit C/C++ development system.
FoliotSmall and easy to use timekeeping application.
FontopiaConsole bitmap font editor.
G-golfLibrary for developing modern applications in Guile.
GcideGNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English.
GleanTool for self-directed learning.
GlueGNU Internet groupware project.
GneuralnetworkImplement a programmable neural network.
Gnu-html-infoHTML-Info viewer and tools.
GnueComplete enterprise level business environment.
GnujdocJapanese translations of GNU documents.
GnurlMicrofork of cURL with support for the HTTP/HTTPS/GnuTLS subset of cURL
GnuspeechArticulatory speech synthesis system.
GnustandardsGNU Coding Standards and Information for GNU Maintainers.
GslipC++ API extension of Symmetric List Processor (SLIP). with exceptionfalse
Guile-cvImage Processing and Analysis in Guile.
Guile-debbugsAccessing the Debbugs bug tracker with Guile.
GwlExtension to GNU Guix declarative language.
GPLv2orlater with exception
SIL Open Font License 1.1
GPLv3orlater with exception
InklingreaderGNU/Linux version of the Wacom Inkling SketchManager.
JamiDistributed and encrypted audio/video/text communication.
Jtwlanguage to simplify learning Java programming.
KopiDevelopment framework for interactive database applications.
LegLibraries for game engines and development.
LibdbhManage 64-bit disk based hash tables.
LibjitJust-In-Time compiler library.
LibredwgRead and Write AutoCAD DWG files.
LimsLaboratory Information Management System.
LispintroIntroduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp.
LrzszFree implementation of X/Y/Zmodem protocol.
MempoolStand-alone memory allocation library. with exceptionfalse
MesPart of the bootstrappable builds effort.
MetaexchangeGNU Metadata Exchange Utilities.
Metalogic-inferenceMetaLogic Inference program.
MpriaMulti-Precision Rational Interval Arithmetic.
Nano-archimedesSimulation of quantum systems.
NetworkCreate new ways for people to communicate.
Oo-browserMulti-windowed interactive object-oriented class browser.
PcbPrinted Circuit Board layout tool.
PdfLibraries and programs that implement the PDF file format.
PhantomHome automation and home security system.
PokeInteractive, extensible editor for binary data.
PythonwebkitPython Webkit DOM Bindings.
QuickthreadsToolkit for building threads packages.
SswViewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data.
StalkerfsDesktop search engine.
StumpSecure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program.
TalerAdvanced electronic payment system for privacy-preserving payments.
TeximpatientBook on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain.
Trans-coordMaintenance of translations.
TrueprintPretty-print C sources and other plain text to PostScript.
VmgenSupports the construction of interpretive systems.
WebstumpWebSTUMP is a user interface for STUMP users.
XmlatXmlat aims to be the new XML tools.

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