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APK Editor Studio
APK Editor Studio is an IDE-like software to explore and modify Android application packages (APK). It provides lots of modules for both simple editing and major reverse-engineering tasks.


  • Icon Editor
  • Title Editor
  • Image Editor
  • Code Editor
  • Android Explorer
  • Permission Editor
  • Manifest Editor
  • Resource Inspector
  • APK Signer
  • APK Optimizer
  • APK Installer
  • APK Cloner
Launched in 2017, Alacritty is a terminal emulator that uses Rust (a memory-safe language) and OpenGL for rendering everything, aiming for perfomance, security, configurability, and simplicity. A list of Alacritty's features can be found here. Alacritty is currently in beta, but is already used as a daily driver by many people. It is also the default terminal emulator for Sway, a Wayland-native WM. Another Wayland-native, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator is kitty.
Calibre is an e-book manager that can view, convert, edit and catalog e-books in all of the major e-book formats. It's a complete e-library solution that includes library management, e-book format conversion, newsfeed to e-book conversion, integrated e-book viewer, and synchronization with e-reader devices.
Dunst is a minimalistic notification daemon for X and Wayland. By default, it only displays a colored box with unformatted text. It can be extensively customized by modifying its config file. Dunst is designed to fit nicely into minimalistic Window Managers, but is expected to work on any Desktop Environment.
dwl is intended to fill the same space in the Wayland world that dwm does in X11, primarily in terms of philosophy, and secondarily in terms of functionality. dwl is easy to understand, minimal, extendable, and tied to as few external dependencies as possible.


  • Any features provided by dwm/Xlib: simple window borders, tags, keybindings, client rules, mouse move/resize (excluding built-in status bar)
  • Configurable multi-monitor layout support, including position and rotation
  • Configurable HiDPI/multi-DPI support
  • Provide information to external status bars via stdout/stdin
  • Urgency hints via xdg-activate protocol
  • Various Wayland protocols
  • XWayland support as provided by wlroots
  • Zero flickering - Wayland users naturally expect that "every frame is perfect"
A Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) and platform for rich client applications originally created by IBM.
GNOME mailer, calender, contact manager, PIM The Evolution mailer supports POP, IMAP, SMTP, and other standards, and can decrypt PGP and GPG messages. You can have multiple POP and IMAP servers, with separate email identities for multiple accounts. You can reorganize, group, and sort data by clicking and dragging, and build virtual folders to select mail meeting set criteria. Vfolders update automatically to include new mail. The interface is based on the GtkHTML library; this allows quick formatting and display of simple data. Plug-in Bonobo components handle more complicated data like audio, video, or PDF, which can be embedded into the message display window. The GtkHTML editor widget creates RTF or plain text messages. The composer communicates with the contact manager to select mail recipients. The calendar allows distributed scheduling and synchs with PalmOS-based organizers. The user interface views and modifies the calendar; a server monitors calendar entries, pops up reminder windows, and exports NTML data for Web publishing. The contact manager prints in many formats and synchronizes with the Palm OS. Its front-end user interface and back-end server makes it accessible from many applications. The local server can talk to remote servers to maintain shareable databases.
FileZilla client
FileZilla is a FTP client with a nice graphical front-end. Features include:
  • Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB
  • Configurable Speed limits
  • Drag & drop support
  • Bookmarking
  • Filename filtering on filename (regex support), file size, and user/group permissions.
  • Directory comparison to quickly see differences between files on the local machine and the server
  • Synchronized directory browsing, such that if you have an identical directory structure on the local machine and the server, means that any directory navigation on one machine is duplicated on the other.
  • Remote file search
  • IPv6 support
There is a free software server as well that runs only on Windows. See our FTP category for a list of free software FTP servers that run on GNU/Linux. Warning: the Windows installer bundles adware; use the ZIP download instead.
  • Fast (see benchmarks and performance)
  • Lightweight, in dependencies, on-disk and in-memory
  • Wayland native
  • DE agnostic
  • Server/daemon mode
  • User configurable font fallback
  • On-the-fly font resize
  • On-the-fly DPI font size adjustment
  • Scrollback search
  • Keyboard driven URL detection
  • Color emoji support
  • IME (via text-input-v3)
  • Multi-seat
  • True Color (24bpp)
  • Synchronized Updates support
  • Sixel image support
FractGen is a simple Qt-based fractal generator program for Mandelbrot fractals. The image size is only limited by virtual memory. It is possible to zoom into images. Image parameters can be saved in XML files and loaded from XML files. Calculated images can be exported as PNG files. The intention of this program is to generate graphics to be post-processed by other image tools, e.g. in order to generate nice screen backgrounds or book covers.

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