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This is one of the proposed features to this site.

The Premise

The idea is to feature program(s) about once a month within the directory, and to display a history of recently featured programs on the main page. The initial source of programs will come from the GNU Spotlight in the FSF Supporter publication.


  • There could be a "Featured" section under the "Query or Browse" section that lists a few of the most recently featured items.
    • User:jgay thinks that it should not go on the main page (at this point since we don't have a volunteer to update it), so we might want to create a special page for it.
  • There could be a short "featured programs" section at the top of site-wide search results if there are any matches.
  • We could make a bold "This program was featured Sept 2011." string for previously featured programs on their info page.
  • Have a "featured" page that lists all of the featured program history.
  • We could make a "featured" icon in browse mode next to each featured program's name.

Development: Todo

Development of the basics is complete, and in a stage where it could be deployed by someone with some MediaWiki knowledge.

  • Create Property:Featured property (date format)
  • Add parameter to form
  • Make a Template:Featured template, so we can have a string describing the source, such as the FSF Supporter. This should also allow for multiple "featured" dates.
  • Create a template that will print a number of queries, and a template that formats the results

Sample SMW Code

This template can be used on an entry page:

|featured date=2011-10-03
|featured source=FSF Supporter
|featured category=Development

However, editing by hand shouldn't be necessary, as there are is a section of Form:Entry that lets you set values there. (You can use it on any page by selecting "Edit with Form". On the other hand if there is an error in another field, then you may not be able to use the Form, in which case, you will need to click "Edit" and paste in the above template at the bottom of the page.

This query can be used on the main page to show a featured item:

{{#ask: [[Featured date::+]] [[Featured category::Desktop]]
|?Featured date
| link=none
| format=ol
| template=Featured output
| sort=Featured date,Name
| order=descending
| limit=5

Similar code is already being used in Template:Featured list

SMW Queries from Template:Featured_list

Screen.png For Desktop Users

  1. Pino: featured on 11 July 2012
  2. Icedove: featured on 5 June 2012
  3. LibreOffice: featured on 26 April 2012
  4. Blender: featured on 17 March 2012
  5. Audacity: featured on 4 February 2012
  6. ... further results

Wrench.png For Developers

  1. Tahoe-LAFS: featured on 8 August 2013
  2. Coreboot: featured on 11 July 2012
  3. CUnit: featured on 5 June 2012
  4. Lua: featured on 26 April 2012
  5. Django: featured on 17 March 2012
  6. ... further results

GNU-Spotlight.png GNU Spotlight

  1. GNU Denemo: featured on 11 July 2012
  2. GNU LibreJS: featured on 5 June 2012
  3. GNU Linux-libre: featured on 26 April 2012
  4. GNU Health: featured on 17 March 2012
  5. GNU Octave: featured on 4 February 2012
  6. ... further results

Where to make modifications

Featured date property, Featured source property, Featured category property, Template for marking a page as featured, Template for displaying query on main page, Featured output template

Helping out

An active volunteer is needed to update the program information each month, and then to add the "featured" tag (with the date) to each featured program's page. If updating the program information for each page turns out to be time-consuming (which it shouldn't be), then that volunteer can delegate some of the work involved in that process. If a dependable volunteer agrees to do the job on a regular basis, then they may do so.

If you are interested in helping, get in touch with sudoman or jgay by leaving a message on our talk pages, or on IRC (

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