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Advanced GTK+ Sequencer
Audio sequencer.

Advanced GTK+ Sequencer (AGS) is intended to use for music composition.

It features a piano roll, as well a synth, matrix editor, drum machine, soundfont2 player, mixer and an output panel. Further it has LADSPA, DSSI and Lv2 plugin support. It's designed to be highly configurable. You may add effects to its effect chain; and add or remove audio channels/pads. You may set up a fully functional network of engines, thus there is a link editor for linking audio lines. AGS requires a realtime kernel and ALSA support. AGS uses conditional locks to keep several threads in sync that's why you need at least a preemptable kernel.

LADSPA support has been added to version 0.4.2 as well export to WAV.

Version 0.5.x brings you first concurrent audio tree processing support.

Version 0.6.x is dedicated to accessibility. You might control GSequencer by keyboard. As you move to a note it provides you an audible feedback.

Version 0.7.x gives you the benefit of providing the libraries libags, libags-thread, libags-server, libags-audio and libgsequencer. It contains for now an automation editor. Open Sound System (OSS4) and JACK Audio Connection Kit support has been added recently. Now you may configure multiple soundcards. Since 0.7.111 there is MIDI input available. Let you record your MIDI instrument and doing live performance.

Version 0.8.x extended MIDI support to import/export SMF. A built-in envelope editor and additional editing functionality like move/crop selected notes.

Version 0.9.x added automation editor.

Version 1.0.x released implemented sticky controls.

Version 1.1.x segmented AgsNotation and AgsAutomation.

Version 1.2.x improved audio backend support and improved accessibility by using Atk+ interfaces. Migrated to segmented AgsNotation ,

Version 1.3.x migrated to segmented AgsAutomation.

Version 1.4.x AgsWave and AgsBuffer have arrived in

Version 2.0.x provides new machines AgsEqualizer10, AgsSpectrometer and AgsAudiorec. Wave form manipulation and recording capabilities.

Version 2.1.x has got initial OSC content model support. The provided OSC server allows you to do remote control.

Version 2.2.x support for GCC builtin vector functions and added complex data type support.

Version 2.3.x added new machines AgsFMSynth, AgsFMSyncsynth and AgsPitchSampler. Support for WASAPI.

Version 3.0.x added GObject-Introspection annotations. Implemented AgsServer providing basic HTTP authentication using XMLRPC library libsoup-2.4. Added online help browser to view the user manual within UI by using WebKit2Gtk-4.0. Further providing support for AGS-OSC-OVER-XMLRPC and migrated to Gtk-3. Allow the user to perform fast export to audio file with AgsAudiorec.

Version 3.3.x provides a new effect processors, the ags-fx engine. All recalls have got a replacement in order to operate with one single iteration per tic. Further the staging program is modifiable.

Version 3.4.x implemented AgsSFZSynthGenerator and AgsSF2SynthGenerator allowing you to pitch missing samples.

Version 3.6.x implemented AgsGstreamerFile capable of reading common media files using gstreamer.

Version 3.12.x implemented composite editor.

Version 4.0.x migrated to Gtk4 and libsoup-3.0.

Version 4.1.x implemented zoom in PDF manual.

Version 5.0.x improved vst3 api reference manual.

Version 5.2.x implemented tremolo, vibrato and wah-wah of SFZ and Soundfont2 synths.

Version 5.4.x fixed automation editor.

Version 6.0.x implemented initial MIDI v2.0 support.

Version 6.1.x implemented note 256th support.

Version 6.2.x fixed more accurate timing.

Version 6.4.x implemented auto-scroll.

Version 6.5.x fixed tool dialogs.

Version 6.6.x refactored file dialog.



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30 June 2023

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30 June 2023

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31 July 2014

Leaders and contributors

Joël Krähemann (Jkraehem)maintainer

Resources and communication

AudienceResource typeURI
VCS Repository Webview
Savannah (Ref)
Mailing List
Mailing List
Debian (Ref)

Software prerequisites

Required to usegettext internationlization
Required to uselibxml2 XML and XPath library
Required to uselibsndfile -1.0 Audio file input and output, supporting FLAC, WAV, ...
Required to useJack Jack Audio Connection Kit
Required to usegtk+-3.0 Gimp toolkit widget library
Weak prerequisiteLv2 Audio plugin format
Weak prerequisiteDSSI Instrumentation plugin format
Required to useWebKit2Gtk-4.0 HTML rendering engine
Required to usealsa-lib Advanced linux sound architecture library
Required to uselibuuid -1.2 Unique identifier creation library
Required to useGstreamer Multimedia framework
Required to uselibinstpatch -1.0 Sound file container supporting DLS, Soundfont2 and GigaSampler
Required to uselibsoup-2.4 HTTP and XMLRPC server library
Required to usePulseaudio pulseaudio sound server
Required to usefftw3 Fast fourier transform library
Weak prerequisiteLADSPA Audio plugin format


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