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For the mobile variant of IceCat, see IceCatMobile. GNU IceCat (originally GNU IceWeasel) is part of GNUzilla (the GNU version of the Mozilla Application Suite). GNU IceCat aim to be based on the the current official release of Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) with removal of trademarked artwork and proprietary components. However, IceCat is not a straight fork of Firefox ESR; instead, it is a parallel effort that works closely with and re-bases in synchronization on the latest Firefox ESR as the upstream supplier, with patches merged upstream whenever possible; although it should be noted that additional security updates are customized to IceCat occasionally. Another important difference between Mozilla's Firefox and GNU IceCat is that IceCat has a focus on freedom and privacy, such that it is designed to make it easy for the user to: block execution of non-free JavaScript with GNU LibreJS or disable all JS, block privacy trackers with SpyBlock (Adblock Plus fork), get redirected to HTTPS when possible with HTTPS Everywhere, and more! And lastly, whereas new versions of Firefox are being created such that they support Digital Restrictions Management systems through their implementation of the Encrypted Media Extension, GNU IceCat will not include an EME implementation as it opposes efforts to popularize and ease the dissemination of DRM technology and related proprietary software. GNU IceCat was formerly known as GNU IceWeasel but changed its name to avoid confusion with the now defunct Debian IceWeasel who had the name first.
Rust is a memory-safe programming language, proposed by Mozilla. Features:
  • Zero-cost abstractions
  • Move semantics
  • Guaranteed memory safety
  • Threads without data races
  • Trait-based generics
  • Pattern matching
  • Type inference
  • Minimal runtime
  • Efficient C bindings

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